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Really enjoying this as well. Trying to get those keys now. Luckily don't need to complete a stage with them. Anyway, some of those later ones are really tricky.

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Been playing Rock of Ages and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on Xbox 360. Only couple of missions in on OF. Been playing so much BC2 that it was hard to get into this first. It is completely different shooter. Rock of Ages is simply awesome. Quite casual, but still lot's of fun.

On PC, I've started Fantasy Wars. A fine fantasy strategy from the Russian 1C. Just started this as well so no much to say. Other PC game I am playing is Six Gun Saga, but still on the learning phase with that one.

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I play old games all the time. For exampleL just yesterday finished Pikmin (2001)

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OK this will ruin my perfect \m/ post count.
Bayonetta would be one game for me. Technically solid no doubt. Just too much with the booty-shots, maybe if I had been 10 years younger.
Elder Scrolls games would be another one for me. I like RPG's and open world games normally, but just can't get into those. Must have started Oblivion like 5 times. Just no. Strangely I enjoyed Fallout 3 a lot.

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MotorStorm, those have nothing to do with fun
edit. post 666. Wouldn't be epic if this was my last post here? Although it can't be because it is about shitty MotorStorm

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I had the same with problem with the Grid game. Refused to play it because of that.

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@Yanngc33: What's that supposed to mean? The game is out here earlier than in NA.
I am positively surprised about the reviews as well. The SP demo wasn't anything special. The MP demo was quite good and innovative actually.
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Thinking about buying some more Rush albums. And also how to beat the last boss in Pikmin.

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This works on my old Xbox like a charm still.