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I'm still trying to find a frame for it. I've been told it's not standard size so I have to get a custom frame made for it

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Anybody got a spare Xbox one code could they please PM me.

Thanks :)

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@gbrading: I'm also from the old country and a Day One Giant Bomb member. I also haven't left the old country :P

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I want to thank for giving me a code. Thanks again dude!

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Ahhh man :(

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Can someone PM me a code if they have a free one

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  This is not really a bug, but the dates for Coming up on Giantbomb are all out of order. I'm not sure if it meant to be that way.
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Yay, Giant Bomb is back!

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@LordAndrew:  Thanks for the help.
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Everytme I watch HD video now I get these strange colours appear at the both of the video player. It only seems to happen on HD video because I have tried the High and Low setting and It only appears in the HD version. this is not the first video this has happened with, the first time I noticed it I just thought there was a problem when they filmed it and it a one time thing. Now it seems to appearing on more and more HD videos.