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@sammann31415: It's become a mission flow issuer for me because I encountered a blimp once within maybe the first 2 hours and then found not once in a whole 4 straight hours of playing afterwards, with no real means to progress without one.

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I'm running in to the exact same thing, my high score sits at 17.9k but I've only had one once, I was prepared for it as I had the nuke body equipped but that wasn't enough to take it out anyway. I'm just getting frustrated now. I haven't ran into any laser planes yet.

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Fuck. Holy shit.

RIP Ryan. You'll be missed.

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Request to combine this page with this one.

The former is a separate page for a DS release which is already documented on the latter.

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@AngeTheDude said:

Get the Muir-Cat in there so we can have a Team Brad!

I was thinking Rorie, too, to give us a Screened team.

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Man, this stuff is... just amazing.

I set about making a new show in Universe mode: TNT. The main title is the '5 Stars! Belt', and the tag titles are the 'Endurance Run Belts'.

I set up the teams for the tag division, too:

  • The Chrono Trippers (Ryan and Patrick), who hold the titles to begin with.
  • The Meat Dimension (Jeff and Vinny).
  • The Flight Club (Drew and Dave).
  • TESTED.COM (Will and Norm).

Unfortunately, the minimum roster size to run a show is 15, so I had to pad it out a bit, and I was very disheartened when I saw that the main event on the first card was a #1 Contender's Triple Threat between Big Boss Man, 99 The Rock, and 99 Triple H. I couldn't be bothered editing that (nor 'Scoops vs Goldust') so I closed the page and, for now, my plans have been put on hiatus. Oh well.

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Good write-up Patrick, although (especially given the subject matter) I would think about the term 'bitching' here.

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@Phatmac: It'll be the GIANT BOMB!!!! Right guys?!?! Guys!...

...where'd everyone go?

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@dogman795: This would be great! It can only be a good thing to accommodate as many options as possible, and if they went on the same route as Dragon Age 2, it would mean they could allow the player to choose their character's gender without having to worry about changing too many of the S-Links.

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@BrockNRolla: I'm worried 'our' point went over your head; we were mocking people making the kind of statement jackdanger was 'parodying'.

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