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@YoThatLimp: Well they could certainly deny that if someone did download stuff or pro-rate it. I don't visit GB hardly at all and they could easily check and see if I had downloaded anything but they are being a bit greedy about not offering a refund when I've been trying to cancel for sometime now and even as recently as the day my sub was renewed. Support email took 2 weeks for a you're screwed response.

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I'm in the same boat with - Had a god damn email gone out a few day prior saying, "Hey, just a heads up, your GB subscription is coming up for renewal" then I would've been able to go and make sure it did not. But nope, I get screwed and even though I tried to cancel again the day I saw the charge email, I was pretty much told, to go F myself, no refunds.

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I want to unsubscribed but the site won't let me. I've emailed about this issue and I'm told I'm stuck. My subscription was set to renew 9/16, for a few weeks before that I've been trying to unsubscribe. Then 9/13 comes up and all of a sudden I'm auto-renewed. I email some whiskey address about this and only 2 weeks later get a reply saying, "sorry, no refunds." How the heck is it no refunds if I'm trying to unsubscribe. Someone please shed some light and to this day, I have no idea if I am subscribed or unsubscribed. I keep doing the cancellation page and it will not let me send feedback so I have no idea if it has gone through or not.

My only hope is that the account page says no-rebill. Wish it said that 2 months ago.


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@Rapid: got #4 based on the video clue and listening :)

working on #5 now

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@Marino: i understand there are many hints but I rarely watch or listen to bombcasts unless I happen to be in front of the PC when they are going down.. None of those hints have helped so far, so I'm now lost :(

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Hints for Bombcasters #4 and #5??? Someone said that list will get me 10/11 but it's only giving me 9 of 11 :(

edit: oh and I don't really do much on GB so if these hints could be easy or perhaps PM the answer? Thanks again

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i'm not much of a frequent visitor here but I see it's already got 2 completed and I found a really old video on how to build a bomb but that didn't work.. Hints please :)


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I'm done with these assholes at Kaos and THfahQ... Never had a glitch in this game until I downloaded the Fire Sale map pack... Loaded up my Lvl 65 character with the M200 Sniper equipped to finally start getting kills to rank it up, got 1 kill, then died, respawned with M100, thought it was odd, got killed again before I could react, spawned with M100 again. Went into armory before respawning again, noticed all my attachments and secondary weapons were messed up, then I noticed I was level 1... Level 1, how could that be.. I quit the game, reloaded it and fire up my saved game... Nope still Level "fucking" 1.. So all that hard work playing for months when I could just got shit on.. I'm done with the game, took it to game stop, traded it for LA Noire (fyi - love it) and called Microsoft and had them refund my points spent on the DLC Fire Sale. It's no wonder Kaos is going out of business, good riddance..

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I guess #20 is damn good.. I usually end up somewhere way over 100 or 200 bc I don't know enough about games when some of these quests come around.  My best finish prior to this was #75 on a quest.  
Did anyone get it from the Uncharted interview??  That never triggered for me, I got it from Tomb Raider, Day 0 and Day 1 wrap ups.