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You mean I might have to actually study instead of slacking off and watching GB videos tomorrow?

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Raiden with a zweihander.

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I did probably 95% of it by myself, but every other playthrough has been all co op all the time. Its definitely not the wrong way to play, so don't listen to anyone who says that, Dark Souls is a lot of fun to play co op. I mainly did it by myself because this was the first souls game where I could jump in right at the start, don't ask me how that's relevant to playing solo lol, just felt like the thing to do this time. I played all the other ones a mix of co op and solo, probably around 50/50.

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I don't know, without the actual values or percentages none of this means much to me, could be huge changes or barely noticable. I don't think any of those bosses needed nerfs though, maybe lost sinner, but only the ng+ version.

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@yummylee: Yeah I'm in NG+, but I don't have any sins, so I don't think they can invade me.

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Yeah, I could handle the forest invasions in DS 1, but those belfries are pretty insane. I've just been pulling the plug for those areas honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if there was maybe some sorta cooldown, so you could enjoy a pvp battle or two while in there, but at some point you just wanna move on because the area takes like 2 minutes to fully explore. Although I suppose it can be kinda rough if you can't solo the gargoyles, I didn't find them much worse than the DS 1 gargoyles, except there was 1 more at a time. It kinda seems like everyone's given up on invading anywhere else too, I've put around 110 hours into the game with 2 characters and still have only been invaded in those belfries.

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Honestly my advise is to forget about pawns ever healing you, just carry around potions and stuff. Even if you get one that will try to heal you at the right times, they will stand next to ejemies and try to do it. Get the item burden skill from fighter and load up on healing items and have one support, and the rest all dps or tank pawns, and you will have a lot more fun. Mages are fantastic at curing debuffs and giving buffs, but the anodyne spells just take way too long, or at least that was my experience, especcialy in the DLC. Also make sure you are checking skills, inclinations and perks before hiring, like monkeyking said above, there are plenty of combinations of those that makes completely useless pawns.

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Now this is some news I can get behind.

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You can absolutely go back, but yeah there are areas no one can put a sign down like inside boss rooms. The problem you might run into is the game matches only in a certain range of your level/soul memory, I don't know if anyone has figured out how it calculates that range yet though.

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That's pretty strange, but I don't see how it will affect much as far as games go, still just a piece of hardware that developers can make stuff for, unless facebook starts making the rift show you ads or something every 5 minutes.