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If you've been following the news lately, you've probably heard of this already. If not, the short of it is that an all-female Russian radical feminist political punk band named Pussy Riot performed a concert in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow which included a 'punk prayer' containing anti-Putin sentiments. Three of the band members have now been arrested and detained for 'hooliganism' with a possible sentence of seven years.

Since that time, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys has put on a benefit gig, Californian legends Faith No More allowed a Pussy Riot mini-protest during a recent Moscow concert, and the detained band members are now in the middle of a hunger strike due to an unfairly immediate trial before an adequate defence can be prepared.

As I understand it, Russian society is split down the middle over this issue (or not according to but he's refused to clarify) and I've seen plenty of conflicting opinions from the West as well. How does Giant Bomb feel about this? Did Pussy Riot go too far or is this an unfair shutting down of free speech? Would this fly in your country? Debate away!

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For all those wanting the Higgs boson explained in the simplest way possible and why it's important to us, this short video helps:

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Interesting fact. I've never owned a product that Miyamoto worked on but I still see him as a legend of the industry.

Where's the interesting fact?

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Hopefully by the time I have a computer that can actually handle this game (I am still honestly shocked that my 8 year old computer can run half the things it can, but a new computer is in the near future I hope) this guild will still be active since I have some interest in this game. Until then though, hope the rest of you have a good time with the game.


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This would be the only reason I play The Secret World. It's unfortunate Funcom couldn't integrate the two franchises into a Marvel style extended universe, they look so similar to me (art style wise).

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Dammit, Raw sounds great and I missed it :( Fuck the UK government for blocking piratebay, too, now I can't watch it at all :(

Google XWT. You can thank me later...

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@Dan_CiTi: I didn't say Melee and Brawl aren't fun, they are, Brawl just isn't adopted in the same way Melee was and that's totally fine. I just find Melee fascinating as a fighting game, Brawl is more of a party game. It'll be interesting where Smash U takes it for sure.

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So unlike Smash, All-Stars will be a fighting game? I kid, kinda.

Smash Melee was actually a very well-balanced and feature rich fighting game. I've spent a lot of time pouring over the tier lists and guides at in amazement at how many complex fighting systems were buried in there for the hardcore to discover.

Brawl though, now there's a shit 'fighting' game.

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Depends who is writing his dialogue.

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Does anybody know how to resize these into wallpapers? I'd love a 1366 x 768 version!