Three Nerds in a Basement EP 25 - E3 and X-Men

Refreshed and restructured, episode 25 of the TNIAB podcast comes to you with a host of new changes. We’ve shortened the show’s length to a maximum of 1.5 hours and timed all our segments to keep the conversation moving.

This week, Vince opens up the “what we’re up” to segment by giving us his experience playing as a 1940s detective from the new Rockstar game L.A. Noire. Anthony then tells us how delighted he is to finally slay monsters with friends in Monster Hunter Tri. Lastly, Blaven admits that with real life soaking in all his free time, the only thing he’s been able to do is play with some giant robits on his GBA.

In the second half, Blaven & Vince give a rundown of the fifth X-Men movie, First Class – you might find yourself surprised with what they have to say about the film. After which, Anthony and Vince breakdown the events of the Electronic Entertainment Expo and give their opinions on the big show. Finally, the group answers some letters and close out begging you all to watch Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Hopefully you all enjoy the show and if you have any opinions on the new structure (good or bad), don’t hesitate to write in and tell us.

Starring Anthony Fallucco, Blaven Jaramillo & Vincent Sanchez


00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:39 - What Vince's Up To

00:11:00 - What Anthony's Up To

00:20:00 - What Blaven's Up To

00:31:59 - Movie Review: X-Men First Class

00:43:46 - E3

01:18:00 - Letters

01:27:28 - Outro

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Three Nerds in a Basement Ep 11

We're trucking along with new episodes every week now, so hopefully this keeps up even with the school year getting busy. This week our topics are about the Power Rangers, well the Japanese ones anyways. It basically turns into a fangasm about how the new Super Sentai Rangers are completely badass and can summon the powers of every Sentai Ranger before them. Also we talk about gaming trends through the years, game types we love/loved and what game franchises we're just tried of.   
In this weeks pre-show we prove to you that we actually record in a basement. So check it out and remember to tell your friends about us, subcribe on Itunes, checkout our Twitter feed, and check out the podbean site. 

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Three Nerds in a Basement EP 10

Well our podcast has made it to it's 10th episode. We're officially too old for clown parties now. In this episode Blaven is out so it's just Vince and I with special guest TJ. A much short show than usual but we talk about such hot topics as the Dead Island trailer and We Dare.
Also we filmed a pretty awesome pre-show to make Blaven not feel left out.


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Three Nerds in a Basement: Episode 6

Hey guys, recently our podcast showed up on the New & Noteworthy page on Itunes along side such favorites as Nintendownload X-Press. So I thought this would be the time to shamelessly plug our podcast again. We've been going strong since episode one and we haven't missed a week yet. Episode 6 is our newest episode and we talk about the 3DS and the NGP (PSP2). Also our thoughts on Sequels and new Intellectual Properties; which we like better and which one we like to play/watch/read more often. Our podcast doesn't feature just videogames. We also talk about movies, tech, comics, and just other nerdy topics.  
Hope you guys check us out, remember to subscribe, rate, and comment on Itunes. Also our podbean site is where you can listen to our show just by streaming it. Our show goes up every Monday and I hope you enjoy it.
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Three Nerds in a Basement - Episode 1

Hey guys, this blog is basically a shameless plug for a podcast my friends and I are starting. It's called Three Nerds in a Basement and we talking about videogames, movies, TV, comics. Basically anything that nerds talk about. We just got approved on Itunes and we also have a site where you can just stream it or subscribe to an RSS feed. 
I hope you guys enjoy it and listen to future episodes. We just finished recording episode 2 yesterday so it would be up soon.


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Death of Arcades


Before you read I think there should be a little context to where this is coming from. A while ago I read a interesting article on about the current state of north american arcades which I can't find or else I would link it for you. I had a length comment on it but the site wouldn't let me post the comment for some reason, so I thought I would make it a blog. 
Also some of the parts might seem weird since I am refering to the article itself, if I find it I will link it right away.

Actual Blog Post

This article is dead on. The popularity of console gaming and online play, where people can play other real people from the seat of their own house is too good to pass up just to go to an arcade so I can see a person face to face. In my town of Hamilton I can't even find a legit arcade, the closest thing we have is a place called Pownz which is more or a console scene than anything. Weirdly made cabinets holding Xbox 360's and a 10 dollar cover charge to play for the day. Its fine, buts it's not the same as an arcade. A place as specialized as that only really gets the "elitist" gamer whose sole purpose of being there is to show you his combo he's been working on and then call you out for not playing well with comments like "Well it seems they let anyone play here now." Note: Someone actually did say that at Pownz, it was the douchiest thing I've ever heard.

The arcade scene is also very daunting to people who just play on consoles, especially with fighting games. A 2 hour drive from my house is a mall with an arcade; it's really sweet, sit down cabinets, Japanese versions of 3rd strike, the whole deal. But a lot of people don't go in because the whole place is pro. I had fun messing around with Makoto in 3rd strike but as soon as someone sits down to play you there's no mercy. I get double perfected because I don't know how to parry and dude on the other side might as well be J playing Makoto as well. So I end up just playing at a empty Tekken 6 cabinet.

As said in the article I think the problem with arcades now is not only the type of people it brings (most elitist players who will call you out for being a noob) but also the business model. Tokens and coin slots are too easy to manipulate, if they change to something like a reloadable card you can buy for that arcade specifically then load money onto it when you feel like it and that money doesn't expire off the card I think that would be a good fix. But of course it might be to expensive for arcades to implement since they're not making that much money as is.

In the end, I think that having a home console, playing friends online from your own house is better for most people than going to an arcade and getting "serious" about a game. Sure they might have games like DrumMania or GuitarFreaks but even those have come to home consoles. The way things are moving, I'm sad to say that arcades (at least in North America) is on the edge of its life. Unless you city, town, or even neighbourhood has a scene of some sort arcades aren't going to be around other than some mall or pizza shop having a old Time Crisis machine or something. Arcades have to become a inviting and cost effective place for people to want to go there.

Question to the Reader

What do you think, can the North American arcade seen come back to its previous state or is it never going to come back? Did you even enjoy arcades when they were around? Can you think of anything that would help the arcade scene?


Tokyo Gameshow: Day 03 & 04


So I've decided to just go with the Kotaku day numberings of TGS. So day will be a special blog covers both days 3 and 4! I hope you enjoy.

TGS Day Three

First we're going to start off with day three. I can't say many reveals got that excited this day, but there are a couple I am interested in.


Though this game looks like a typical shooter, the quirky attitude of the trailer gives it some charm to separate it from the rest. The trailer starts with a guy talking about his time with Louis the Sixteenth. Then eventually he gets smoked by a monster and his head pops off, but he's still alive. So he can't die from blunt force, but he is also immortal. Some of the gameplay shows the main character taking off his limbs and using them as grenades. In that aspect it reminds me a lot of Stubbs the Zombie, which was also a great game

I can't wait to see how the game actually deals with death, if there is any. Getting smoked by some monster, having all your limbs fly off and ragdoll around seems like a lot of fun. You might have to protect your head when it falls off to avoid death.  Check it out in the trailer below.  


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Lords of Shadow has yet to get me really interested in it. To be honest I was more excited by Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. At TGS Konami released a really long trailer show off the game, and it's looking good! I like the fact that they're not trying to punch the "This is a Castlevania" game motif into your face.

A lot of the demon designs look really cool, and unique. This is a really good thing in my prespective because it's really easy just to make a red guy with horns and call it a demon. Each character has their own interesting personality and to be honest I can't wait to see more of this game now. Though I really wished they would have shown some gameplay. Check out the super long trailer below.  

Other News

TGS Day Four

Day four brought more announcements that I am really excited for. The fighting game releases are the most exciting for me but also the fact that a new Disgaea is going to come out is awesome!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

When arcades were still something to go to here in North America, I remember days when me and my friends would pump money into Tekken Tag with both of us picking Eddy Gordo. We both knew he was "cheap" but since we didn't know anymore characters if one of us didn't pick him we were obviously going to lose.

The new Tekken Tag Tournament trailer shows a lot more of the tag mechanics in action, using juggles while switching between characters as well as some awesome looking tag team moves. Mainly my hype for this game is nostalgia, but it's good nostalgia. Look at it for yourself in the trailer below. 


Disgaea 4

Nippon Ichi Software has been having a tough time lately, with shares plummeting and sales for games not getting to where they want them to be. So it was only a matter of time before a new Disgaea was announced and shown, since that is their main franchise.

What I come to expect from a Disgaea game is all in the trailer they've shown, from insane special attacks to crazy looking characters. They also showed some new moves you can do with stacking all your characters, like getting blocked off treasures and some new tower specials. Another change is was looks like being able to merge two of the same monster into one bigger monster, and even being able to magichange that bigger monster into a huge weapon.

More crazy is what I want from a Disgaea game and they sure as hell delivered. I just can't wait to see what the new late game stuff will be like. I also hope that the achievements aren't as insane to get as Disgaea 3


Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter 4 has been out for a while but over in Japan the long awaited arcade release is finally coming out, along with a few additions. Yun and Yang from Street Fighter: Third Strike are the biggest official reveals for the arcade edition. From the looks of the gameplay they play a lot like their third strike counterparts.

Yun still has his dive kicks and his super that let him combo combatants over and over again in third strike is his super in this game. Yang is the character I'm looking forward to playing the most, and he still has all of this third strike moves as well. Though reports say his dive kick won't come out as low as Rufus's, his other moves loo

k badass. His super makes two shadow copies of himself so you can keep the pressure on with normals and his ultra animations look really cool.

There will also be balance changes introduced to the game for all/most characters. From minor things like damage being toned down on characters moves or changes to move properties like how Juri's fireball kick will combo naturally now. These changes have the possibility to change up the game dramatically, and I can't wait until those changes come to the console version. Though there has been no announcement for Yun and Yang coming to console I would say it's safe to assume they will come sometime. 


Other News



Tokyo Game Show: Day 01 02?

 Side note, I'm still a little confused on what TGS day it is, different timezones are weird. We need swatch time QUICK! 

TGS is on another day, and another day means more announcements. There were some more big announcements this day as well, but the pre show reveals will be hard to top.

The Last Guardian

Team Ico have a great track record for making great unique games. Their first game is the princess saving simulator Ico, and the second being the massive monster hunting game Shadow of the Colossus. From what they've released so far of The Last Guardian it seems like Team Ico is mixing the two styles together into one great looking game.


With the release of the new trailer it shows some more light-hearted aspects of the The Last Guardian, also finally something that looks like gameplay. The trailer starts off with our little man sneaking on top of the giant beast, and playfully waking it up. This is the whole tone of the trailer, very fanciful, and adorable! A lot of teamwork between the hero and the creature shows off some of the puzzle solving elements and just how attached the two character are to each other. Some combat was also shown but not too much, the dog-thing and the boy defeating some living suits of armour.

I know it's terrible to say but I can only think of one way for this game to end, and that is with one of the two characters dying. I know it's terrible to say! But  


Yakuza 5: The End

Even though Yakuza 4 is set to release in 2011 here in North America, in Japan they're already announcing their 5th game. The Yakuza series has been known for being a little wacky with some of the side stuff you're able to do, but with Yakuza 5 they might have gone off the deep end. Zombies are the main focus of the new Yakuza game, you heard me right; zombies.

Everyone knows Japanese zombies are the deadliest

In 2008 Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan or Yakuza Kenzan came out in Japan as a spin off to the Yakuza series set in the samurai days. Though this game wasn't numbered and this new Yakuza game is. So I don't know if it will actually be a continuation of Yakuza 4, but I think that would be too crazy even for Japan.

In a recent Kotaku article they interview the producer of the game, Masayoshi Kikuchi, he and the team wants to branch out and make new experiences with the Yakuza franchise. And that they don't want to stop making the Yakuza franchise.

In the trailer we find Haruka, the girl our hero Kazuma Kiryu rescued in the first game captured again by an unknown assailant. Then everything pans out to see that Kamurocho has been destroyed taken over by zombies. It doesn't show any gameplay but we eventually see Kazuma and his three friends carrying guns looking like they're going to take back Kamurocho. Left 4 Yakuza? Am I right, am I right!   ... I'm sorry.  




Thanks for reading my blog once again. Look forward for more of my thoughts on new TGS news tomarrow. 

Tokyo Game Show: Day 00

TGS officially starts tomorrow, but that didn't stop the announcements from coming early. Some big new titles have been announced along with some impressive looking original IPs. Some of these games I am already looking forward to just based off these announcements and I can't wait to see more as the week continues.

Devil May Cry

Young Dante, rebelling against his parents by smoking.

While the announcement of a new Devil May cry isn't a surprise to anyone. The fact that it is being made by Ninja Theory is. They have a lot to prove though, their last game Heavenly Swords was not a terrible game, but it wasn't fantastic either. My own personal worry is the gameplay aspect of the new DMC.   So far there hasn't been any gameplay available to the public on Enslaved, Ninja Theory's game that is due soon. But based off of Heavenly Sword the action did look nice, but wasn't all that fun to play. Though that was in 2007 so I am willing to give Ninja Theory the benefit of the doubt.  

The other thing that changed is the overall style of Dante. Since the game is going to be a prequel seeing Dante in his teens, he's looking like a younger demon hipster. I have to say I'm all for it, I think this is a nice change of pace from the white haired hero we are all used to and it will show us another side on Dante. Well, a cockier than we've ever seen (If that is even possible).    



Asura's Wrath

These spears might as well be bug bites!

Asura's Wrath is new IP that is made by Cyber Connect 2 surprisingly.  A developer that is mainly known for making the .hack series and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games. From the trailer it looks like it has the particular type of Japanese crazy that I long for.

All I can gather from the trailer is that you play a hulking red rock skinned looking dude, who can take as many spears to the chest as he wants. Also eventually grow 4 more arms and try to stop a giant earth crushing fist that comes from space. What seems to look like gameplay has the red guy swinging around huge pillars, and smashing smaller enemies' faces into other smaller enemies' faces.

Seeing the trailer I can't see how things can get any crazier in that game. But then again I don't make games, so I'm sure something can get crazier than a giant stone statue in space punching the earth just to kill one man.




So far the Tokyo Game Show is showing off some big announcement, and just cool looking games in general. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned to this blog every day for new posts about TGS.


Random things I've obtained recently

Lately I have been getting a lot of cool stuff. Mostly from my friend as presents, he is living in Japan for a year teaching english (Really greatful that he got me these things). Just thought I might share some of the cool things I've gotten with everyone. Pictures for most will be located at the bottom of the blog post.
Katamari Forever Soundtrack - This is the coolest videogame soundtrack in recent memory. This one was a present from my friend who is living in Japan. Easily the best soundtrack in the Katamari series. I also love the cover and CD art!  
Super Street Fighter 4 Art Book - Another present from my friend. There is a lot of cool concept art in this book, and a lot of those new costume Capcom and Ono art teasing are in this book. Really interesting to see some of the designs characters could have been. Some are really crazy too. 
Arcade Mania - ANOTHER present from my friend. It is a really good book that tells the history of arcade gaming in Japan. Goes through everything from fighting games to sticker booths. Apparently there is a girl who is so good at UFO Catchers, the companies that make them hired her to make instructional videos to make your UFO catching game skills improve... Japan is crazy.  It is wise to not that the book is written by Brian Ashcraft, the Senior Contributing Editor over at Kotaku.
Panasonic RF-60 Stereo Headset - I picked this up at a garage sale my college was having today and for 10 bucks it is the greatest purchase I made in a while. It's an old headset, I'm assuming from time in the 1970s based on the way the girl on the front cover looks. It has a built in FM receiver so I can listen to the radio on the go. I'm surprised these things still work and the sound quality is actually pretty good. Has plugs for Stereo Out and two big ass antennas for picking up the radio signal. I'm sure I am going to get some looks with these things on in public but they just look so cool!
Other Random Anime Tidbits - Just some random stuff like Pokemon Black & White racers, One Piece postcards (Which I might never use), and some anime coasters. Cool novelty stuff.
 Those are the cool things I've been getting recently. Envious aren't you! AREN'T YOU!