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Tekken Tag Tournament (more commonly known as Tekken Tag) is the fourth installment in the popular 3D fighting game series Tekken. However, unlike previous Tekken games, Tekken Tag is non-canonical to the Tekken storyline. It was developed and published by Namco in 2000. It is the first Tekken game to appear on the PlayStation 2. 


Tekken Tag's gameplay is unlike any other Tekken game, both before and after it. The game adds a "tag" component where instead of traditional one on one matches, players pick two characters which would be swapped in and out at the players leisure (although characters cannot be tagged in and out while being attacked), and the match ends when one character's health bar depletes. Tekken Tag Tournament is was also noted as having the largest cast of characters in the series history (up until Tekken 6, which including the unplayable last boss had 40 fighters in it), with every single character in the series at that point being brought back for the non-canonical game.

Tekken Tag gameplay

Tekken Tag also introduced "Tekken Bowl," which was a bowling minigame where the player selects two characters and plays a bowling minigame with them. Different characters even have different attributes, for example Jack-2 had a special targeting system due to him being a robot, and was also a much more powerful bowler then some of the smaller characters, such as Ling Xiaoyu and Nina Williams, however, the less powerful characters would be easier to control when attempting to place a spin and amount of force on the ball (which were both determined by a gauge).

Additionally, due to Tekken Tag Tournament being developed on the PlayStation 2, it was easily the best looking game in the series, with exceptionally advanced 3D graphics and updated soundtrack quality, with the overall audiovisual presentation being considered excellent at the time.


Tekken Tag Tournament was considered a flagship launch title for the PlayStation 2, and to this day is considered one of the best games on the PlayStation and in the Tekken series. The game received high scores from publications such as Gamespot, where it got a 9.6/10, IGN where it scored 8.710 and 91/100 on Gamespy. The game has an average score of 85.6% according to score compiling site Game Rankings.

 Characters Roster

New Characters


  • This is the first of two Tekken games that have alternate covers. The second being Tekken 4.
  • Although Marshall Law did not appear in the game, one of Forest Law's costumes resembles his dad's 1p outfit from Tekken 2.
  • Kunimitsu gained a new costume in this game. It consisted of a purple bodysuit and a golden mask that revealed her mouth.
  • Panda appears in the background of the school stage.
  • Regardless of the number of rounds you set the game to, the final fight with Unknown will always be one round.
  • The final move that Lei performed in his ending became a useable move from  Tekken 4 onwards. This move is listed as the comet kick.
  • This is the first game in the Tekken Franchise where the character falls into the againy position once K.O'd.
  • Many characters had special before battle and losing poses if they were paired up with a certain other character. For example, Law and Lei would lay down on the floor in a comical fashion if they lost and Nina would kick Bryan in the crotch with them both getting into their fighting stances immediately afterwards if they were to lose the match. In before battle poses some characters will do things with/to their partner (sometimes) depending on the leader. For example, when Paul and Kuma are paired, whomever the leader is will do their special attack to the other (Kuma will do his Salmon Fishing move on Paul or Paul will do Phoenix Smasher to Kuma's gut when Kuma is growling). Heihachi wil turn Lee over his knee and spank him if paired together.
  • If you have Kazuya Mishima and Devil on the same team, then they will morph into one another instead of tagging out of the fight.
  • Unknown is the only character in the game to have an FMV ending.
  • The Tag feature never made it to another Tekken game as of Tekken 6, except for Tekken Advance, featuring 3 character tag teams.
  • This was the first Tekken game released for the Playstation 2 and the first ever game released for the console.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament is the only game to have a female character as the boss, (although in Tekken 2 Angel will be boss if you play arcade mode with Devil.)
  • In the PAL version of the game, the booklet has an error. On Jin Kazama's page it has a picture of Kazuya Mishima instead of Jin.
  • This is the last Tekken game where all the stages have no walls.
  • Tekken Tag is the first Tekken game since the first  Tekken to have the same stage music in every character's ending. This is not the case with Unkown's ending, however, as she has different music in her's.
  • In Tekken Bowling mode it is possible to K.O Dr. Boskonovitch and the other people watching from the sidelines. To do this you must move your character all the way to the left and then try to press the X button when the moving cursor is to the left (this works much better with right handed characters). If done correctly you'll hear the announcer say "K.O!"
  • Tiger Jackson appears alongside Eddy Gordo in the latter's ending further alluding to the fact that Tiger could not be an alter ego of Eddy. However, as Tekken Tag is non-canon, this could just be a surreal ending.
  • Ling Xiaoyu is the only character in the game to have two endings. It is viewable by beating Arcade Mode in her Schoolgirl outfit.
  • Additionally, Xiaoyu has the most outfits with an aditional secret green/orange costume, only obtainable by selecting her with a random select.
  • Screaming no longer echoes if KO'd.
  • There are no replays after every round, but after Arcade Mode, they show replays from the last round, and the word "replay" now flashes on the top left of the screen instead of the top right, but in Tekken Bowl Tournament, the word flashes on the bottom left, but omitted when a super strike occurs.
  • The health meters no longer load up before the fight begins.    

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