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On my first playthrough of GTA IV, I did use cheats, and I found it to be very cumbersome and time consuming to select cheats. And I kept accidentally hitting the sixaxis tutorial button, which was really annoying. And I never finished it, then came the trophy patch, so I had to start over again. And that time I played through it without cheats, and afterwards I played through Lost & Damned and Ballad Of Gay Tony without cheats. They were fun in SA when you could make cars fly and shit, but they're not as fun in IV
I found the game experience to be much much better and more fun without cheats.

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@SSValis: I've only seen PoP so far, its not bad, the story's predictable, very, very predictable. Though I thought it was entertaining to watch.
I haven't seen Robin Hood so I can't comment on that
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I've had connection issues aswell, I can't seem to connect to anyone of the people on US servers.
I'll add ya once i get a chance to play later :)

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@sammo21: Ive been playing RDR on my ps3, great game. I haven't managed to get a copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes though, any good?
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@Noxpectus:  wasn't it developed and published by sony?
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I really liked the first one, and one time I let my friend borrow it, and he never gave it back. (NEVER let your friends borrow your games!) so I've been itching to play bad company for a while. I really enjoyed the demo, so I'm definitely picking this up, probably along with GoW 3.

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I say yes play the first definitely, its a great experience.

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I never do, it just so happened that he decided it was a good time to mess with the beeping sounds and make greed and red lights appear, since no one was paying any attention to him at that moment.
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a little update.. I tried to put a disc in, theres more paper inside.. the disc wouldnt even go in halfway..
I fucking hate kids right now -_-..

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@Laticsfan: thanks, I don't want to open it up, but I'll turn it on and see later, I'll put in a old dvd, I don't want to risk having a game disc stuck in there.