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Hoping Liverpool get a win and Benfica a loss.

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Love it, bookmarked!

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I feel the same, it's a huge map and there seems to be a lot of potential to do fun stuff. On the other hand, I'm kinda tired of the Ubisoft formula: Go to new area, do something that unlocks everything on the map, rinse and repeat.

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Porto, Liverpool and Portugal.

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Incredible work.

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Porto, Portugal

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Oh man, so good! Great work.

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Great, I think the current MM is busted.

I started playing a few months ago, have put 180h into it (but about 30-40 of those are from watching matches and stuff like TI3) and often go into matches with players with 2000h and get trounced. I know that doesn't necessarily mean they're better but c'mon. I currently have 70 something wins and 70 something losses, so it's weird when I choose to match with no premades and go up against folks who are obviously far better at the game.

Also, fuck "smurfs".

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Long answer? Nope.

Short answer? No.

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@rvone said:

@bane122 said:

PoP '08 - A beautiful game with a good story and great soundtrack. I like that the extended platforming sections can play like a rhythm game.

That's actually a pretty good pick; it would be on my list as well. I'd also add Dragon's Dogma to that list but I'm crazy so don't mind me.

How I long for a sequel to PoP '08 :(

Guess I'd add, just off the top of my head: Nier, The Darkness, Binary Domain, Vanquish(not sure if it's generally accepted as a great game).