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Click for larger image, looks like the PS4 might have some worthwhile facial recognition in place, looking forward to seeing how how it's capable of on Friday. Obviously it's not going to be Kinect 2.0 levels of tech, but based on the little that's leaked out here and there, it could be pretty cool.

Image scalped from Kotaku.

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We didn't know about PS4 Injustice until a few shorts weeks ago, if they're teasing this, I'm guessing we'll hear something on or before their 11/14 launch event.

Capcom is hurting financially right now, if Sony offered to throw the development money into a PS4 version of the game, that would be a pretty big deal for them worldwide to be able to announce as a next gen exclusive.

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Man, I hope I get a code, would go for Knack, Killzone and Rivals more than likely.

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' Thanks, Kaz' doesn't roll off the tongue as well though.

When this FAQ rolled out earlier this week, I was pretty pissed, because the DLNA server on my PS3 gets a lot of use. I mentioned it to a certain person in the industry who is working on a game that is currently exclusive to the PS4 on Twitter, and he said he was going to check on it. Half an hour later, he sent me a DM:

So dlna is coming, just missed launch firmware.. No biggie. But obviously this is NOT official.

Several others on Neogaf have recevied separate confirmation to that effect, and that it will likely be coming in the firmware update immediately following the 1.5 launch update.

Sony's communication on this has been horrible. I've said this elsewhere, but this is Sony we're talking about, for all the strides they've made since realizing there are humans who play video games outside of Japan, they still seem to have problems with some of the more basic marketing and PR methods. Still, the lead up to the PS4 has been Oscar winning compared to the PS3's, so maybe by the time the PS5 is announced, they'll have it in the bag.

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Well he did say EPIC and Mark Rein is losing his mind over PS4 and did re tweet Geoffs announcement.

I wonder what that says about the mindset of Epic right now about next gen, considering how little they had to do with the PS3 this generation.

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What does this mean though? A search tells me that DLNA is basically a media sharing system, so does this mean you can't watch movies from your PC on your PS4?

That's exactly what it means.

Wow that seriously sucks. Why would the remove this feature? I use this stuff so much on current gen. Hmm. Really strange of Sony to do this.

Also, can't listen to audio CDs? What the actual fuck?

If you have Twitter, feel free to retweet my comment to Sony, maybe if enough people call bullshit on this, Sony will take notice.

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What does this mean though? A search tells me that DLNA is basically a media sharing system, so does this mean you can't watch movies from your PC on your PS4?

That's exactly what it means.

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Sony has put out the "ultimate faq", which is apparently their attempt to rip defeat from the jaws of victory. The PS4 will not feature DLNA or MP3 support.

Unbelievable. Both were features I use extensively on my PS3, and I know of other people did, too. Seems insane that this would be looked over, I can only think it was a conscious effort by Sony to force people into their Music Unlimited and video services.

I am so close to just calling it quits on next gen for now, after almost a year of being super hyped about the PS4, the wind has left my sails pretty much completely today with this FAQ.

UPDATE: Have had some info shared with me from someone who indicates this isn't a permanent situation, at least the DLNA part. Nothing official yet, but sounds promising.

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I think the lack of negativity is due to the press not putting the usual negative spin on this (I'm talking all outlets) that they do for the Xbox One. I've seen some really awful headlines from the press demonising the Xbox One and they are all doing it because it's fashionable. It's sickening. Not saying GB does this though. One of the very few sites who don't bow down to this kind of behaviour which is why I regard this site so much. Kudos to them all.

My take on this. I think it will be chaos on launch day as I will guess Sony's servers won't be up to it. They just aren't as advanced in this field as Microsoft. If anyone is a real fan of multiplayer gaming I'd recommend they think long and hard about their console choice, it's looking very much like dedicated servers all round on the Xbox One with an easy, and well supported implementation.

Never had any real issues with MP on the PS3, PS4 will have dedicated servers for BF4, Ghosts, and Killzone day one. I thought long and hard about the online component of the consoles and decided to go with the one that didn't put everything, including their web browser, behind a pay wall.

On the other side of the coin, we're already seeing reports of XB1 versions suffering from lower native resolutions that PS4 versions of the same games (1080p vs. 720p with Ghosts for instance). Even Jeff has said on the podcast that it looks like the PS4 will probably be the place to go for multiplats. If the One is showing signs of weakness out of the gate, I would be more worried about how it's going to perform 2-3 years out when developers are really starting to push the systems.

To each his own though.

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I'm tempted to not connect my PS4 on Nov 15 to the internet and document what this console could do without an internet connection. It doesn't look like much. You couldn't even play Blu ray movies without this patch... odd.

I bet it does a lot of this already, the update is likely just to optimize those features. PS4s have been getting boxed up for months, this is just going to be a patch to roll out the latest certified updates.