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so if I smoke one of those marijuana cigarettes, will Hakusa minuku appear and dance for me?

not for free, buddy

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Anyone got any more NA codes? I would love to try this game out.

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Is standby good though? I'm kinda nervous to use it for some reason, I just been turning it off when I finish playing

isn't the PS3 always on stand by mode instead of turning off, that's why it's able to turn itself on and download patches when it needs to, so Sony has been doing it for a while you just didn't have an option, use stand by mode on PS4 it works great.

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yeah like the others say don't actually turn off your PS4 there's no need for that unless you're unplugging it otherwise use stand by mode, it will recharge controllers, download updates and games.

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PSN: Antaeus

Timezone: MST

Launch games: NFS Rivals, Battlefield 4, Killzone

I need more PSN friends so if anyone wants to add me I'll be happy!

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this is damn unreal

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@ravenlight said:

@zeforgotten said:

cat videos

This right here is why the PC is still a generation ahead. Mark my words, the PS5 and XBONE2 will have cat video technology.

you know that even the PS3 and 360 have youtube apps right? that's what I use went I want to show funny videos, no need to drag the PC over or get a crazy long HDMI cable.

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Get it trending.


no even mad.

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PSN: Antaeus, best time probably after 5pm PST, just bought a PS3 a couple of months ago and need new some friends in general if anyone wants to add me I'll be very thankful!.