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@XenoNick said:
" Enough of these spin-offs. KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!! GET TO IT!!!! "
This isn't a spin-off. It's basically what you would expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to be. A sequel to 2 featuring brand new worlds which advances the plot.
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So, now that the game has officially been announced, what are people's wishes for it?
Here is what I'd like to see:
Keep the basics of the combat the same, but work on improving it and giving more options to the players. The ability to change leaders on the fly would be nice, as well as the option to set AI tendencies for individual paradigms. I'd also like to see them add a few more classes to the game, to give more options to play with.
Keep the Crystarium, but have more branching paths and have the whole thing unlocked at the beginning. If you wanted, you could basically make someone a kickass Ravager early in the game, but it would come at the expense of their other classes. Basically, just give more freedom in terms of how to spec each character, but with the same basic system (which worked well in the first game).
Add more equipment outside of just weapons and accessories, and completely overhaul the upgrading/customization. The weapon upgrading in XIII was probably one of the weakest elements of the game play, so completely overhauling this would be good.
Have more side quests, and make them become available earlier in the game. With the story of XIII, it made sense that you couldn't tackle those quests until Chapter 11, but hopefully XIII-2 will be designed in such a way that there will be more optional content earlier on. On a related note, going into towns would also be a good addition to the game, but I think that's something which has been beaten to death.

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There aren't any story connections between the two games, especially seeing as they're separated by more than 10 years. You'll be completely fine just going straight into Birth by Sleep.

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Glad to see Recettear getting love from Christina Norman. That game is just so much fun. Her list is pretty interesting, with a lot of variety on it.

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I loved the game, and I really do hope that they're working on a sequel ( it seems like that conference they have next month would be a good place to unveil it).
My biggest desire would be for them to refine everything. The battle system is already my all-time favorite, but I'd love for them to add even more new stuff to it. Make things more complex, give more options, and just generally keep it feeling awesome while adding new options. More classes and more places to branch off in the Crystarium would also be much appreciated. I also think that the weapon and accessory upgrading needs a complete overhaul. Make it actually  matter what you're using to upgrade your stuff, and let me customize my weapons' abilities by using different types of items.
More exploration and the ability to go into towns would also be great. In XIII, it made sense that you were always moving in one direction and not going into towns, because that's what the story necessitated. Now that we're not playing as a group of fugitives who are on the run, it would be necessary to be going into towns and exploring more. More sidequests to do would also be important to me.

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Try upgrading your weapons and accessories. If you haven't been messing around with that stuff, it can make a pretty substantial difference because of the stat differences for higher level weapons. Outside of that, I would say maybe do some more missions. Getting through Pulse isn't that hard if you just do some of the missions (and make sure to focus your Crystarium upgrading on each character's main three roles until those are maxed out; the secondary roles are too costly and don't give nearly as much of a benefit).

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Where's the Persona/SMT option? I would have gone with that. Of the choices, I went with Final Fantasy.
Honestly, the choices in the poll seem bizarre to me. Resistance and Killzone, but no SMT, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts or Mass Effect?

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I voted Wii as I play that more than my PS3.

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It's not just you. I'm completely addicted to the command board. I've already played at least 20 games on it, and I'm having a blast doing so. It's a great change of pace from the rest of the game.

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That's a shame, but maybe we'll get it in 3D. I know that 358/2 Days had a couple of worlds scrapped (including a brand new one, which would have been nice given that it was all recycled worlds).