Super Smash Bros. 4: Possible New Characters

You guys all knew a list like this was coming. Ok, first things first. If you're in doubt about another SSB title, consider this. We all know the Wii has almost no third party support, and if Nintendo isn't getting enough good titles form third parties, they'll have no choice but to make sequels for the great games they made. So, i'd say the probability of a new SSB title is high.  
Also, as much as anyone would want these characters in the game, there should only be a maximum of 50 because if there were any more, All Star would be way too long.
Putting that aside, here are few characters that could be considered to be in the next installment of the SSB series.  

 PERFECT: There's nothing preventing this character from being in the next game!
LIKELY: This character is good, but there may be one or two things that oppose them being in the next game. 
POSSIBLE: I'ts pretty questionable that this character will be put in the next installment, but it's still possible. 
UNLIKELY: There's little hope that this guy could be in the next game, but I'll acknowledge them at the least.   
Yes, I'll update this with more ideas later.

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my new characters list

1.princess daisy (mario)

2.Shadow the hedgehog (sonic)

3.Tails (sonic)

4.knuckles (sonic


6.krystal (star fox)

7.waluigi (mario)

8.Dixie kong (donkey kong)

9.King K. Rool (donkey kong

10.Zoroark (pokemon)

11.Knuckle Joe (kirby)


13.gray fox (snake)

14.Coud Strife

The reason I say princess daisy over rosalina is because daisy was here before her & when daisy had her first appearance in mario party 3 for the first time she knocked out bowser showing that she could be a very powerful character

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i relay like to see these characters as new fighters in the new super smash bros game

1. knuckles (sonic)

2.blaze (sonic)

3.braixn (Pokemon x and y)

3. villager female (animal crossing)

4. silver(sonic)

5 rosalina (Mario)

6. daisy( Mario)


8 amy rose

9 dry browser

10 dr egg man

11 egg man nega

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Well, so far a few of these have been added: Mega man, and Little Mac. while a few I don't think we will ever see in a Nintendo/Namco based token brawler namly anything that isn't made by them, and seeing as Final Fantasy has its own token brawler (Dissidia) I don't think Cloud or his counterpart Sephiroth will make the cut. Other characters I would like to see playable are:

1. Matthew/Issac/Felix, the main protagoniss from Golden sun

2. Nightmare, as another namco character to the roster his smash would have him become Terror!

3. KOS-MOS, She has appeared in multiple other cross overs, so its possible.

4. Loyd Irving, As both a character on a Nintendo/ Namco title I'd say his chances are high.

5. Chrono, He innitially appeared in a title for the SNES, and had the game relaunched on the DS with new content plus his move set would fit right in, plus we need another lightning character!