After about 3 days with a Vita

(I haven't made a blog in 2 years? My gosh)

I like it, I like it more than I expected to. I have always been interested in the Vita hardware since it was first revealed and when I played Gravity Rush in a store last year I was like: "Man I need to get one of these eventually." What took me so long to get one was the price of not the Vita but, the memory sticks, mainly because I wanted a 32 Gig one, that said when I got my Vita the highest ones most stores have are 16 gigs so I settled for that. The system is pretty sleek and I love the way they did the menus on this thing that and everything seems pretty easy to find.

I picked up the $300 dollar instant game bundle 3G/Wifi Vita, the best deal you can get with one free year of PS+, a voucher for Unit 13 and 4 gig stick. (I don't know what ill do with that as of yet its still in the packaging) I have only played 3 games so far, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and Unit 13. Uncharted and Gravity Rush I got free through PS+

I have already completed Uncharted: Golden Abyss and it used all of the Vita's features to a pretty good extend, I liked the game overall. Gravity Rush, only on the end of Episode 6 at the moment the game is extremely fresh feeling and an amazing soundtrack, I'll finish that one soon. Unit 13, the free voucher game is okay, I didn't expect much from it after what I saw online from it but, the game is not as bad as I expected, a fun little Third person shooter with a little character and a decent amount of stuff to do but, I can't honestly say get that game if it costs more than 15 or 20 bucks from where you are buying it though.

Going to probably try Blazblue soon and see how that goes and look forward to future games like Dragon Crown and Toukiden.

I gotta say though this is an awesome handheld and I am glad I bought it.

I'll leave you with Drake starring at your soul.


Is there a way to write a review for a game...

Without giving it a score? What I mean is there a way to write a review in such a way that you don't have a point, star, or letter grade system at the end to specify how much you liked said game?
I guess it would just be good writing but, I think that is a little bit to broad of an answer.


So Summer has come.

Last Friday I got out that prison they call a dorm (kidding) and now I am out for Summer and every year ill say ill do all this stuff and it never happens.

Sarcasm is curse :/.


I am not one to ask how to get better at a game.

I know usually it just takes practice. Failure only makes you better, even online.

But when it comes to RTS games how do you get better? I don't have a deep history of RTS games, I never played Starcraft 1 when it was in its prime back in the day or any other RTS. But when I do play them, i this case Supreme Commander 2 which I really like. I can't keep with all my units or manage them right.

So I guess the question is: How does one keep up with all their units in RTS games?


I think I get it...With Sega and Sonic Team that is.

Its like this.
Sega and Sonic Team really just don't want Sonic to be the same formula over and over. Sure if it ain't broke don't fix sounds cool, I mean Nintendo has been doing it for years and the games are still good. I think the problem is not that they want every Sonic game to be different and fresh, I think its simply that they try to change too much stuff. Yet Sonic fans (such as myself) still get the games and find enjoyment out of them despite the scores.

So really what ST has been trying to do for years is find the perfect balance of old and new and they are slowly getting there (Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Unleashed, Colors).


Portable fighters are such a rarity.

Its something I see so rarely I forget they are some. I know the reasoning for them not being popular. (Mainly because everyone needs the handheld it self and they aren't exactly made for tournaments) but, other than that why are they rarely made?

Controls? I guess that could be one but if the dev actually made it for the system and was not a port from a console they could get the controls right.

Would you personally like to see more handheld fighting games? I know I would if the controls were better of course.


Playing it safe with pre-orders

As of late I wanted to pre-order games but, I have just been waiting to see how it turns out. Not for reviews but to hear people who I know played the crap out of said game.

For instance, I was going to get Mortal Kombat on release but since I am busy writing a bunch of papers and doing a bunch of homework a lot of which is due April 19th anyway and then more work due after that I wouldn't be playing it that much anyway. So I am going to wait to hear what people think about the final build of it.

Does anyone else see a game they really want but, still are hesitant about pre-ordering it?


I don't get it sometimes, franchises and platforms.

Ill use Valkyria Chronicles 2 as an example.

Why do developers have a franchise that established on one platform and instead of making a sequel to the game on that platform, or waiting for the next version of that platform, they put it on a different one and maybe alienate their audience?

I mean Sega explained why VC2 was on the PSP I understand but other franchises don't make sense. I can't really think of an example right now but I seen it multiple times.

I mean if it was to attract a new audience why put the sequel on the system and not the first one?


So is Mega Man dead?

I mean sure Mega Man games will still continue to come out but, with Inafune gone, do you think that the games won't come out nearly as much?

I kinda feel as though Mega Man has been dying as of years been passing anyway. He is the mascot of Capcom but, I think in the last few years the title of mascot has been pretty much been given to Ryu or something because of the massive success of Street Fighter and Mega Man games becoming more rare.

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