Is there such thing a cheap move?

In fighting games the term "spam" and "cheap" are used a lot. I used to say that "If you use the same move over and over that is easy to use you suck". Now I realized something.

If your opponent or if you never dodge, block or punish that move. Why change the formula at all if its safe? Of course if its like an infinite then of course that bullshit but I mean a safe normal, or special move that's easy to use and used a lot. Why change if its effective?

This just dawned on me now.


A gaming plan?

When I was younger I really just played a gameboy and moved on to consoles and PC's. I have been playing games ever since but as of late being in college, even though I like fighting games a lot and have a fightstick I think my plan in the next few years is just to have a decent or really good laptop for a light to medium PC gaming and have a handheld (Most likely a the NGP/PSP2) as my main platform. It maybe a crazy thought but I was really content with just portable gaming. Looking at the way portable games are now a days they might as well be console games.

Why? Im in college this is more easy to manage and playing consoles are fun but lugging a tv back and forth and yadda yadda yadda. Oh the fighting game thing? As much as I love them it is almost...naa that will be a for another blog.


Hello Giant Bomb

I always wanted to make an account. I don't really know why I havent done it until this point but I finally got around to doing it. Even if I knew of this sites existence since it came out because of the "Gamespot." incident. Anyway hi everyone :)

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