PILE OF SHAME (Everybody's got one)

So, this is going to end up being a companion list to a pile of movies, CDs, and books, that I also have not completed, but that's not what's important here.

What's important is HOW LARGE THIS STACK IS. Seriously, if I were going to try to complete this full list, it would probably take me multiple work weeks to do. Also, I need to dig up all my incomplete SNES and N64 games. But without further ado.....

List items

Posted by BertieWooster

Totally forgot Shattered Memories. There's one more for mine...

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Glad someone else has a pile of shame nearly as large as mine. I'm knocking it down, but Amazon and Steam sales keep me topped off.

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Posted by Little_Socrates

@Sparky_Buzzsaw: They definitely don't help! Actually, I might have a few more to add again...but I'm slowly knocking them down.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw


Some of mine I don't feel all that much shame about. There have been several instances when I've bought games at such a stupidly low price that if I get five or six hours out of them, I'm completely satisfied. Others, despite the money I plunked down, I can't beat due to one reason or another, mostly because of visual problems (Gears of War, sadly, is one of those games I love to watch people play and yet cannot beat even the simplest of levels, as with Killzone 2). The only games I really regret buying are those I haven't beat because of frustration with difficulty levels or gameplay. Darksiders, Final Fantasy XIII, and Singularity are the big three in that list, as I don't feel like I've played enough of each to warrant the prices I paid for them.

But the bulk of my Pile of Shame is comprised of my rainy day games, games that, like I said, I buy on steep discounts or sales. I usually keep 'em around for when I'm either in the middle of gaming doldrums with no major new releases to keep me entertained or when I'm flat-ass broke. Both of which apply right now, so I'm burning through a few of my rainy day/pile of shame games. Need to get on it, though, because that stack is definitely piling up.

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