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Last stand against a Titan

Revenge of the Titans was developed by indie British studio Puppy games and was released as a playable beta download on May 24, 2010. Players who pre-ordered the game had the chance to play the beta version of the game as updates were constantly being released. During the time of the second Humble Bundle, the game was in its beta stage and later gave purchasers access to the full Steam game. It received notable publicity for its involvement in the Second Humble Bundle, featuring alongside Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, and Cortex Command. The game's visual style is largely rooted in the developer's retro arcade sensibilities, which has become popular among developers of late.


R&D Screen

Gameplay is centered around constructing and commanding ground forces in increasingly massive battles across the solar system, and is high paced. Players can invest in R&D to discover new technologies, such as blaster turrets, rocket launchers, laser cannons, explosives, barricades, shield generators, refineries and reactors. Enemies start off by following a strict path, but later on, will attack from all directions and will take any path needed to get to your base.

Mission Select

Resources by setting up refineries around crystals. You can also collect various power ups as they pop up on the screen, with various effects such as temporary increase in the turrets fire power, or freezing the Titans for a few seconds.

The final stages of the game pivot around invading the Titan alien invaders' own home moon, Titan, and defeating them once and for all.

The gameplay depends on your ability to optimize your tower, support tower, upgrade choices.



Generates a constant flow of money when placed next to a mineral deposit.2505Extracts $10 every second.
Increases the money output of nearby Refineries.7503Adds 20% money from Refineries.
Increases the extraction rate of nearby Refineries.5003Adds 1 Refinery extraction rate.


NameDescriptionCostShieldsDamageFire RateAmmoReload
Fires individual blaster shots. Does not pierce armored enemies.2503424-48 per minute1010
Heavy Blaster
The middle-tier version of the Blaster. Pierces lightly armored enemies.5003624-48 per minute810
Blast Cannon
The most powerful version of the Blaster. Pierces heavily armored enemies.7503824-48 per minute610
A version of the Blaster with a very high rate of fire and a large ammo clip. Does not pierce armored enemies.75034180-540 per minute2020
Spreader Cannon
Fire a group of cannon rounds in a fan-like formation to damage and possibly stun multiple enemies. Does not pierce armored enemies.50034x518-30 per minute715
Assault Cannon
A version of the Spreader Cannon with upgraded damage and area of effect. Pierces lightly armored enemies.100038x718-30 per minute620

Heavy Weapons

NameDescriptionCostShieldsDamageFire RateAmmoReload
Fires an explosive rocket with a very large area of effect. Can not target enemies at close proximity. Can damage friendly buildings.150032415 per minute530
Fire a laser beam that can damage multiple enemies with a single straight shot. Can target flying enemies. Available in limited quantities per level.1500320-16012-20 per minute530
Deals heavy damage to all nearby enemies in one devastating blast.150033212 per minute330


All Explosives can damage friendly buildings and are available in limited quantities per level.

NameDescriptionCostDamageBlast RadiusUsesAvailability
An explosive device that is triggered by enemy contact.251216120 per level
Cluster Mines
Less powerful than Mines, but grouped together, four per cluster.7568410 per level
Blast Mine
A very powerful explosive device. Clicking on Blast Mines begins a 5 second countdown to detonation.100168015 per level


Droid Factory
Produces up to six droids, which attack small enemies.100051 droid every 7 seconds
Tank Factory
Produces up to six tanks, which attack large enemies.250051 tank every 7 seconds
Repair Drones
Produces repair drones, which repair damaged buildings.250051 drone every 10 seconds


Damages nearby enemies with the click of the mouse, rather than firing automatically. Can target invisible enemies.7503
Attracts nearby enemies. Useful for keeping Titans away from the HQ. Available in limited quantities per level.15003
Enemy movement is hampered through Tanglewebs. Available in limited quantities per level.503Availability - 20 per level.
Shield Generator
Improves the shields of nearby buildings.25003Adds 1 to Shields.
Used to keep enemies away from an area.2503
Cloaking Device
Renders nearby buildings invisible to enemies.7503


Increases the range of nearby turrets.5003Adds 1 turret range.
Cooling Tower
Increases the Fire Rate of nearby turrets.2503Adds 1 Fire Rate.
Increases the Damage of nearby turrets. Can enhance nearby Robotics factories.2503Adds 1 Damage.
Increases the Ammo capacity of nearby turrets.2503Adds 1 Ammo.
Decreases the Reload time of nearby turrets.2503Adds 1 Reload.


All Barricades are available in limited quantities per level.

Concrete Barricade
Impedes the advancement of Titans.101240 per level
Steel Barricade
50% stronger than Concrete Barricades.201830 per level
Titanium Barricade
33% stronger than Steel Barricades.302420 per level
Nanomesh Barricade
At 25% stronger than Titanium Barricades, Nanomesh is the toughest Barricade material.403010 per level

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1.8GHz single core
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 120MB
  • Video Card: OpenGL 1.3+, 128MB video memory
  • Sound Card: Stereo
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 2GHz Dual-Core
  • Memory: 750MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 120MB
  • Video Card: OpenGL 1.3+, 256MB video memory
  • Sound Card: Stereo

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