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Okay, now to play devil's advocate: yes, it's Valve. They haven't steered us wrong in a while. We should give them the benefit of a doubt. But, remember Sony and the Bangarang, guys? Sony with the PS2, we all thought they probably couldn't do no wrong. Long story short, we got the DS3 a year later. Hmmm. Just a thought that popped into my head. Not sure it's worth chewing on.

For what it's worth, that original PS3 "Bat-a-rang" looked comfy as shit to hold.

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And yes I do believe people are trying to force the issue because that's all they've been doing since the 3 protagonists have been announced. Hey, I'm all for a female character as long as they aren't doing it solely as a response to the critics.

Well maybe a "glass half full" way to look at this is that people are telling the developers "I want to play a female lead in a GTA game, and will probably give you money if you do".

If Rockstar ended up doing that, maybe they wouldn't be bowing to social pressure so much as meeting an existing demand, right? It doesn't sound so bad when you think of it that way.

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@lively: So you want a women that is basically a men in terms of behavior , speech, clothing and anything else? Ok i guess. Also what did these people talk about I could not understand one bit^^

Well that is one option, (and if you've seen the show you'll know that there's a little more to the character than that). It's kind of the polar opposite of the femme fatale sex-pot criminals seen in Bond films, or Jerry Springer-type basket case criminals. There's room for all of them, or even something in the middle. It all comes down to the writing and execution. I have faith that the Rockstar writers could pull it off if they tried.

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what does this mean? They are black? they look sad they are criminals?^^

Fans of "The Wire", particularly seasons 4 and 5, will know what I'm talking about.

Just curious.

Is that a girl dress like a guy on the right?

In the interest of being less mysterious, yes the person on the right is a woman, named Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, featured on the final two seasons of HBO's "The Wire", and is probably one of the better TV villains in the last decade. Here are some links for background:

I just thought I'd submit a pretty good example of a prominent, memorable, non-traditional female criminal in fiction.

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@darji said:

@lively said:

what does this mean? They are black? they look sad they are criminals?^^

Fans of "The Wire", particularly seasons 4 and 5, will know what I'm talking about.

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I would like to see the GTA team take a crack at a female character because I think they probably stand a better chance at it than most other triple-A game developers.

Most games these days have C-minus grade knock-off stories as re-imagined by an 13 year old boy.

Rockstar, on the other hand, at least does solid B-movie crime stories, that, while still being knock-offs for the most part, demonstrate a control of tone and character that shows they've got real talent. GTA IV showed how they wanted to tell the story of an "outsider" (an immigrant in that case), and I think showing a woman criminal would be a logical step in that theme, if they want to tackle it (and I honestly think they will).

By the way, @darji, your services as a valiant defender of game developers against the imaginary feminist hoards are not needed, they'll be fine without your help ;)

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I can't wait until her Kickstarter money runs out so I never have to hear about her or her bullshit ever again. So sick of her and all these so-called "men" that cry out "SEXISM!" every time we see a boob in a game.

Heh. I don't want to frighten you, but I doubt this is going to go away any time soon. As long as there are still hordes of overreacting man-children, you can bet that these conversations will still be needed.

Also, in regards to this topic, here's the response straight from the horse's mouth:

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People who think this quote is damning are showing themselves to have a very limited understanding of language. Also, in my experience, some people who tell you that they're slavish disciples of reason and logic are actually just telling you that they have a borderline autistic, stunted sense of context and meaning.

I'm a film lover, but I'm not a fan of 90% of what Hollywood thinks movies should be like. So, depending on when you catch me, I might tell you very different things about my opinion of the movie industry.