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@superfriend: You said his attitude stinks, prefacing it with "no offense but..." lol

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@pozo: Without the voice recognition, what is the point of the game?

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I never can grasp the idea of being colorblind. Do these people see world as other does ? Or they just cant name the colors

Different types of colorblindness, but typically it involves multiple colors looking exactly the same. Imagine if the color of grass and something pink looked the same. Either green things are a pinkish hue as are pinkish things, or Pink things are greenish as are green things.

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STARE INTO THE ABYSS. Killed it. You guys didn't talk about the uniKorn album. I thought it was funny.

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@l44 said:

Dan's enthusiasm is so refreshing.

It is, and he's a great fit and it's real exciting.

Buuuuut... the one bit of "constructive criticism" I would give would be for him to dial it down a notch, only because there are times where he's so excited he doesn't let someone else interject, or ask a question, or what-have-you.

It's totally possible (perhaps even likely!) that this will correct itself over time, as they all get more accustomed to each other. And as of right now it's, as you say, refreshing.

Pretty much Dan. Seems like he hasn't lost a step from jumping off the Game Informer train.

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I'd say Rogue Trip is definitely the best Twisted Metal.

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Who's Dan and how does he have a history minor from college and didn't know about Africa battles in WW2. Shit, even playing an early call of duty would have taught you that.

To be fair, someone who minors in history has to take so few classes that its totally possible to never even study 20th Century History as a minor.

How is it possible to leave elementary school and not know about Africa in WWII?

Where the hell did you go to Elementary school? I think all I learned about WWII in Elementary school was that the world was involved and that the US "won". I didn't know Africa was even involved in WWII until I took an African History course in college.

Edit: Since I asked you I guess I should say I went to elementary school in Texas (and that might have something to do with it.)

I didn't say I necessarily learned it in elementary school only that one should have a certain level of knowledge of world events by them time they leave elementary school by reading books like encyclopedias (there was no internet when I was in school) or watching historical films etc. School is not sole place to gain knowledge nor should it be.

In the fifth grade I wrote a research paper on Japan's involvement in WWII. If you do any reading, research etc about WWII it's not hard to discover that battles were going on in Africa.

I just think, and so do many commenters as well as Drew, that it's incredible that a grown man could not know about it. Having said that I wouldn't have given it a second thought though if he hadn't shared that he minored in history.

And by the way, I'm a Texan.

I enjoy history, but much like everything else from school, I forget most of it.

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go back to debating whether Uniracers or Ivan 'Ironman' Mike's Super Off-Road is the greatest racing game of all-time? Because I seriously can't decide.

It's "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road" and there is nothing to debate because it is hands down, no contest the best ever.

It's badlands. Sorry!

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It's a website! About Video Games! Welcome Dan and Jason.

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Together, we are all shaking heads at the people who left the site and unsubbed when the news of Vinny's move came.

I was one of the people who stayed, but knew we would be lesser for not having Vinny in SF. That brutal SpinTires QL was proof, especially since Vinny played it the next day and had a great time.

The spintires quicklook was excellent, and showcased the game, not the caravella "minigame" of flipping a truck over.