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A comment to developers who are thinking about using a letterbox presentation, video games are not movies, in a movie the director is showing you what he wants to show you, in a video game the player is trying to explore the environment which means they need to see AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, cutting off their view is a sin.

I disagree. In a video game with a fairly linear progression the developer has a choice in what they want to show you and how. By stifling creative choices/processes available to the creator you're encouraging mediocrity and clones.

You should never, ever force letterbox throughout the entire game on anyone ever. He is completely right in calling it a sin. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your nice TV looking at a game that takes up about 60% of the total screen space. It's ridiculous.

it's no different than forced fov, which many games employ. Hell, the default Isolation FOV is 47. Frickin' 47.

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lol the character design of Markman reminds me of Jeff Gerstmann, you think Dave Lang intended to do that?

No, because it's based off the actual Madcatz guy, Mark "Markman" Julio. Also, Dave Lang did not develop Dive Kick.

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@nightriff: Jeff wasn't a part of the other table top shenanigans, I don't know if that's his thing.

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Dan needs to play P.T


In the dark.

(Maybe with a guide for once it's stuck-time. PT is the one thing that works for us who yawn at horror games and horror films..)

It's weird because as someone who loves horror games, PT didn't do much for me. So maybe PT really is for those who don't care about horror.

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I've got to say, I'm pretty disappointed that Scanlon didn't at least try to fight Sniper Wolf in the proper way and went straight to cheesing. I mean, if he found sniping her too hard then I wouldn't have blamed him for just Nikita-ing her to death, but at least try to experience the fight the way it was meant to be. Worst was Dan acting like he's "proud" of him for finding out how to cheat when really, he was only cheating himself out of a fun boss fight that isn't even that hard. Come on. I seriously hope that when/if they play MGS3 Dan doesn't go encouraging Drew to shoot The End in the back when he's on the wheelchair. That would really suck and it's not unlike what happened here.

lol, if you don't think the Nikita trick was intended...much like The End's alternate methods. Intended.

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Wow, some game producer totally took a road trip in the American West and decided he wanted to make a JRPG out of it.

Yep, the ol american West, dinosaurs and shit.

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It's crazy how much this video series has ranged from actually fun to straight up unenjoyable and frustrating to watch. This episode was very much the latter.

Yeah when this started it was my favorite content on the site. I love Drew, but man is it frustrating watching him play MGS.

I think that's what makes it fun to watch. How he finds new ways to die in every situation.

This episode was not the frustration episodes, this was a lot of fun.

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@ghostiet: Your comment makes no sense to me. Yes, technically in my peripheral vision I can "see" the movie, but since I am focusing on the text, I'm really not watching the movie.