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@hurff: It seems like people are forgetting how incredibly hard MGS3 is compared to 1 and 2. Limited silencers? No radar? Improved enemy detection? Stamina management? This game is relentless, If Drew can get past the brick building you get to near the beginning without alerting anyone or dying I think I'll eat a hat.

This is really, really wrong. MGS3 is almost hilariously easy on Normal. You can absorb damage like a sponge... you can literally beat most of the game just by running full-tilt through each level, setting off every alarm and alerting every enemy; if you find the shotgun, it gets even easier. The silencers almost never actually run out unless you miss 4/5 of your tranq shots. The world is chock-full of easy ways to replenish stamina.

The brick building at the beginning is definitely hard because there's no good camo for bricks, but it can be very easily beaten if you just go up on the roof and drop down instead.

Now, mind, MGS3 is my single favorite game of all time! It is pure brilliant fun from start to finish, from the insane and clever boss fights to the sheer amount of fucking around you can do in the jungle, to what is absolutely one of the greatest endings in gaming history. But I actually recommend that anyone who wants a decent challenge on the caliber of MGS2 on Normal should play MGS3 on Hard.

I just finished a playthrough, and although I've beaten it before, my non-familiarity makes it much like a blind playthrough. There are barely any items that actually heal your health, so you have to crouch down all the time to recover slowly. Constantly going back to the camo menu is a headache. Silencers ran out all the time for me, and they wouldn't auto equip another one which was stupid (leading to alert statuses I felt were not my fault). All of his food is going to spoil with many days between play sessions, and the no radar thing tops it all off. It's really a different type of game, one that I'm not a fan of.

I recommend playing it on normal at the most for a first-timer, because the game is much harder than you are making it out to be. The old Metal Gear games are all like pac-man, you play off the minimap almost. In this game, you don't have that, and your situational awareness is crap thanks to jungle environments.

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It's such a shame that Metal Gear Solid never got any better than this game. It's all downhill from here. We'll always have presidental sword fights. We'll always have Manhattan. We'll always have Metal Gear Solid 2.

Personally, MGS 3 was the peak of the series for me. The amount of awesome boss fights, set pieces, crazy cool characters and overall tragic story made for a near perfect package of a game.

Everything about 3 is cool except the part where you play it, at least for me. I'm not actually good at stealth games. I'm not a run and gun guy in these, but I don't reset or kill myself if I get caught. Led to a lot of sitting in MGS3 healing menus. 1 and 2 were the sweet spot for me because you didn't have to be ultra patient/sneaky to complete them and have fun. Also I got lost in 3 a lot. All my own fault, but still a valid enough reason to dislike 3.

Yeah, the whole inventory/curing/eating/camo slowed down the pace and flow of the game, I missed the traditional map as well, the weapon base confused the hell out of me.

The rerelease of 3 makes the camera third person which makes the game a lot better from a gameplay standpoint. I really hope they play that one.

The HD collection lets you choose which camera you use. I personally think the original Snake Eater camera is better. To each his own.

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Shadow Complex being better than Super Metroid? I believe that's what Rorie was hinting at. And that is madness. I don't even have nostalgia for Super Metroid (never owned a SNES) and I recognize that game as being one of the greats.

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May as well just quit now Drew. This is the absolute pinnacle of the series. It's only downhill from here. Series goes to shit in a major way after this.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is much better than Metal Gear Solid 2.

Opinions are like assholes.

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Dino Crisis 2 was SO GOOD which is surprising since the others are so bad.

Dino Crisis 1 is better in every way. 2 was not remotely a horror game.

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Who the shit thought that hit sound was a good sound? My ears started bleeding halfway through the first match. Holy SHIT.

I thought it was the sound of the gatling gun barrel spinning until they switched to another weapon and it kept making that noise. Really weird choice for a hit sound.

Sounds pretty similar to Quake to me. Hit detection noises are a great use, and not enough competitive shooters use them.

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This is the HD remake, right?

I hope it is, otherwise MGS3 with the default camera will surely infuriate Drew.

I think default camera is much better in that game than the controllable one.

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Arctic Sun was one of the best Faygo flavors, long since discontinued.

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Now I'm all about cool 2d graphics games from snes era and stuff, that is something will never get old , but this stuff just looks like total garbage... why would anyone go out of their way to emulate this type of looks, and moreover why would anyone pay money for this thing...

Because people have nostalgia for this and were alive back then. Believe it or not. I enjoy the look of 3D PS1 games, timeless to me. I imagine Jeff feels the same way about this stuff.