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@adnrewn said:

This is the HD remake, right?

I hope it is, otherwise MGS3 with the default camera will surely infuriate Drew.

I think default camera is much better in that game than the controllable one.

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Arctic Sun was one of the best Faygo flavors, long since discontinued.

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@onarum said:

Now I'm all about cool 2d graphics games from snes era and stuff, that is something will never get old , but this stuff just looks like total garbage... why would anyone go out of their way to emulate this type of looks, and moreover why would anyone pay money for this thing...

Because people have nostalgia for this and were alive back then. Believe it or not. I enjoy the look of 3D PS1 games, timeless to me. I imagine Jeff feels the same way about this stuff.

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@bollard said:

I should really play Jazzpunk.

Yes, yes you should

Quite the hilarious game.

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@zzax: I was never taught about mortgages in school, or making a resume for that matter. It is not that uncommon to be plopped into the world without this knowledge. And since I never want to buy a house, there's no reason to inquire further, hence my not knowing.

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@hassun said:

"What is a mortgage?"

Holy Shit @danryckert!

At this point, I don't know why, but I don't believe he could've said this. I don't know why. I should believe it. I believe it.

I can't wait to listen to this.

I didn't know what it was either.

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The only good thing MGS2 has going for it is 60fps and the Tanker. Just hang in there until 3 because it's BADASS!

I enjoy the gameplay of MGS2 so much more, so I disagree.

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Another phoned in Unpro. Serious lack of effort in these livestreams anymore. Fibbage was fun the first couple of times, it's just a lazy way of filling time in EVERY livestream they do now.

Of all the awesome games that were released recently they keep going back to Fibbage?

I know right, should be Windjammers Friday forever.

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@pyrodactyl: This game is beyond broken. At least Ride To Hell was hilarious.

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Dan is using every opportunity to drink beer to do just that, drink beer. It's getting a bit boring to always see him drink beers (yes, always beers, not a beer) during live streams.


I'm pretty sure the point of the video content is never "watch Dan drink beers!"