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I've never played Revolution. Was put off my the bad rumors of the Boss fights. Is it worth a play if I find it cheap and just put it on easy to see the story and world? Loved the original (and even liked the second one).

edit: Also what is different in the director cut?

One of my favorite games of last gen. Truly a masterpiece. Boss battles be damned.

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really weak of jeff to discount all the games that wouldn't hit a gamestop release calendar: olliolli 2, hotline miami 2, axiom verge, titan souls, etc etc.

Nobody would claim there aren't a bunch of great downloadable games coming to both consoles. But if that's practically all there is, that's kind of a problem, isn't it?

Not really..the landscape is just changing.

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Shoddy list in my opinion. Killing Orcs and wildlife is vastly overrated. Bayonetta is solid. Mario Kart?!?!? And a small portion of MGS, though excellent, is not becoming of a top 5 of a year. And so on...

It's his top 10 games of the year, how can it be a shoddy list? The only way you can claim this, is if you are him.

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Will grab it on PC. And pray for good net code. And pray for an unlocked framerate.

Fighting game and unlocked framerate? Nope. Flat 60 always.

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I actually think this is written really badly and unprofessionally. These are terms of service, not a chat with your bros. Also twitch seems quite prudish with some of this.

It's written in a way actual human beings speak in. If that's unprofessional then fuck being professional. Legalese is exists to make you zone out & just sign without paying attention unless you are a Lawyer Monster.

Actual human beings don't throw around kappa and grills. That's reserved for twitch stream monsters, and those are more hateful meme-spewing robots than people.

Streamers are stream monsters.

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The letterbox is the reason I won't play this game, because I heard that if you remove it it doesn't actually remove it ... it just crops the screen to what is currently there. http://www.urlbuff.net/

Not true, there's a mod that fixes the FOV properly.

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Will V-bomb be in attendance? He's not listed on the GB panel description.

Nope. Second child birth happening.

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Surely these headlines can remain part of your personal blog Patrick, wouldn't say it classifies as news.

It's a website, about video games.