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" With all the hoopla surrounding Arizona's decision to take care of their gigantic illegal immigrant problem, I constantly find myself baffled at how hard it is for people to understand that not enforcing our nation's immigration laws is a bad thing. Now anybody who's been paying attention knows that one of the biggest reasons that the people of Arizona stand behind their new law is because of Mexican drug cartels coming over the border into Arizona and murdering/kidnapping Arizona citizens, but apparently there is more to worry about than just drug cartels. I came across this video on a family member's Facebook page and it pretty much acknowledges what I've been saying for years, which is that as long as we turn a blind-eye to the southern border, eventually we're gonna get more than Mexicans coming through it.


EDIT: Thats what I get for not watching the damn vid.
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If RDR didn't have the Dead Eye targeting, think about how much more of a pain in the ass the game would be, even if you are full up on medicine at all times. It seems like they balanced out the use of Dead Eye by making Marston's health very very low. The only critical thing I would have to say about Dead eye is that you might be able to slow down time for too long before it depletes.

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" It seems like the original poster doesn't understand how difficult, expensive and time consuming making a video game is. "
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Fucking Thread of the year.

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You just opened a giant can of worms. I will pray for you.

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Almost anyone would stuff a bug in their mouth if it meant living a few more hours. Your brain is just wired that way.

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Breaking news!!!! High School kids acting fucking lame!! News at Eleven!

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Sooo.... you're saying that Vinny's going to be added onto the child sex offender registry?

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Just make sure to ask if they have an Xbox Live Gold account first. 
Then murder away.

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" @Wipeout: 
Cop? How would you know, unless you're a cop. You gotta tell me if you're a cop. "
Yea bro, if you ask three times he's totally gotta tell you. Its like, a law or something.