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Not pointless, rivalry is good for the gamer. If cod is put in an underdog situation then it leads to innovation
This. In the end, for the sake of both games, competition will get us better games. Just look at Madden. Ea basically has a monopoly on NFL games and each year they make improvements but nothing the actual fans of the game need.
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At this point, they need to simply say, "fuck it" to the 60fps, ramp up the match and map sizes to fit 50+ dudes, add factions, add a persistent world and call this COD World. Couple all that with the "Elite" bullshit and you've got yourself a legitimate subscription game that will bring in the money. And since you never change the game engine or any of the core game, just pump out a expansion pack every year. Oh yeah, and vehicles. That's a COD game i'd be happy to play.

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So is there any reasoning behind the "lets keep all the discs in some drawer behind the counter" practice? Is it so you have to ask for help in getting a game which sparks a sales pitch for some super rewards awesome blammy card or game informer mags? I always thought it was for shoplifting countermeasures and to keep all the shelves looking neat. I know GS isn't going to stop doing it, so maybe a definitive reason will bring me some closure as to why I never go there again.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

I exist purely out of a need to fill a hole of a different kind. ...Sorry, everyone.

Your bunghole? ... Sorry sir.

And shit that classic era stuff sounds so awesome

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My Shepard looks a lot like me. He is me. Bioware, dont even attempt to kill me or make me sacrifice myself to save anyone cuz it aint gonna happen.

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His voice sounded much more normal at the beginning of the game as opposed to after his "incident". Or maybe thats just me. Either way it doesnt bother me in the least.

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I just got a 3DS and a redesign wouldnt bother me too much (especially if its a second thumb pad thingy). Game retailers would at least comp existing owners with a trade in bonus in order to get them to move new systems off the shelves.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: If you're into RPG's similar to Dragon Age and Fable-like humor then Divinity II definitely deserves its chance. It has its flaws like ArbitraryWater pointed out but overall its experience is rewarding. For me personally, I would go as far to say that I'm enjoying Divinity a bit more than my DA:Origins playthrough.

Edit: I almost forgot, if you've got a PC, check out the demo on Steam. It'll let you play the first 40-60 minutes or so of the game.

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That screenshot just makes me hyped for an Alpha Protocol sequel featuring Wesley Snipes that will never happen. Oh well, im still hyped

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Why not set up a fund or donate to the victim's families? You know, something that's actually helpful.