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Hell yeah! I got my 3 day pass for PAX Aus and can't wait for this!

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Howdy all!

Scilena conDoin@maccy86

Thanks in advance for the invite, and see you all in game!

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@Sanj said:

Alright, confirmation code seems to be working now and I got the email...but I'm not sure if my Total Access is actually working. I can still see adverts on the site.

I still have the same thing. I'm going to email Vince about it.

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Still showing I'm a standard member, not Total Access.

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Worked for me as well now. Cheers mate!

[EDIT]It worked, I logged out and back in again. Still showing I am a regular user, is this normal?

Also tried clearing my cache to see if that sorted out anything. Still no dice.

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Ditto here.

From Australia

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EpicNameBro has some really good YouTube videos up that should get you up and going quite good.

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I'm guessing either Bethesda or Apple will buy Harmonix. 
Yeah, Apple...Think about it, rumors they were looking to buy Sony. They have music ties with iTunes, it kinda makes sense.

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You can already pay with Click and Buy, the process was simple.

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