By the Numbers: StreetPAXin

That Addictive Green Light

Shane Bettenhausen can't resist StreetPassing even during a panel he's on.

First things first. I stole the word StreetPAXin' from Wafflestomp.

Before the 3DS came out, I was fairly outspoken against it. I decided to get one when the price dropped a couple weeks ago and was able to get it from Walmart before the official price drop hit. I knew I'd get a 3DS at some point, so I couldn't pass up on an $80 price cut and 20 free games. I'm still not super excited about it, but it definitely added to the PAX experience this year. There were times where you could have the maximum 10 Mii's and you would get 7 or 8 more while you were trying to clear out those 10.

Going into PAX Prime 2011, I had only StreetPassed with two friends of mine. By the second day of the show, I had already completed all of the puzzles and two runs through the Find Mii dungeon. From that point on, it was just about seeing how many people I could check into my Mii plaza. I didn't check as often as I could have on the third day since I was more focused on finishing up my photography. The majority of people that use Street Pass share where they are from, so on the flight home (no WiFi), I decided it would be interesting to run an audit and see how many different states and countries were represented. Here's a breakdown...

Alaska1New Hampshire2British Columbia29Japan1
Arizona6New Jersey3Manitoba3Norway1
Arkansas1New Mexico2Ontario16Scotland1
California52New York2Quebec1Puerto Rico1
Colorado4North Carolina1Saskatchewan2
District of Columbia1Ohio2
Illinois4South Carolina1
Indiana1South Dakota1
Mississippi2West Virginia1
Montana1US (no state given)6
Total Americans279Total Canadians70Total Int'l10

Yep. That's 359 Street Passes. There were 4 more that did not list their location. I know there were a bunch that I got more than once as well, but this number represents unique Miis. Unfortunately, I didn't catch any Whiskey Media Mii's, but I did get Johnny V (presumably during the GB panel) and Shane Bettenhausen (during the Weekend Confirmed panel). It's worth noting that Johnny V's greeting is "Where all the ♀ at?"

Not surprisingly, the most represented state, province, fiefdom, zone, or empire was Washington. California also had a respectable showing. And it looks like a decent number of folks from the Vancouver area came across the border for the show. Then, on the far right, we've got the crazy awesome folks (i.e. Matt) who flew thousands of miles to come to the greatest show on Earth.

For those of you in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, North Dakota, and Rhode Island... I am severely disappointed in your lack of participation in this event. I better see some of you at PAX East 2012, especially those in CT, ME, and RI. That might be the next time that I ever see that green light start flashing on my 3DS.

Posted by bonniel

what about us in sweden?

Posted by Marino

@bonniel: I encountered zero Swedes at PAX this year. Maybe Boston is an easier trip.

You did remind me of this though. I found it when I was at E3 2004.

Sweden Pavilion
Posted by Dany

damn that is crazy! only 1 from illinois :(

Posted by Hailinel

If you have Dead or Alive, I think we might have StreetPassed. I noticed one of my Throwdown opponents was named Marino.

Posted by Marino

@Hailinel: Yeah. That's all I was playing on 3DS aside from the Find Mii/Puzzles. If it was Hitomi, then it was definitely me. So, you're somewhere on that chart.

I changed my Mii's name to Marino instead of my real name and put my greeting mentioning being a GB mod. Only got 1 PM about it though.

Posted by ahgunsillyo
@Marino:  I StreetPassed with you twice (though I already told you that), and I also managed to StreetPass with Johnny V.  I was hoping to get Randy Pitchford at the Gearbox panel, but I guess he was already full up.  Regardless, it was a very good weekend to be StreetPassing. 
@Hailinel: I might've Thrown Down with you at PAX as well, but I'm sorry that I can't explicitly recall.  So many Throwdowns.  
Posted by Marino

@Dany said:

damn that is crazy! only 1 from illinois :(

I'm pretty sure that says FOUR people from Illinois. ;)

Posted by sarge1445

not sure if you mind going back and looking this up check who the people from nevada are I want to see if it was our group haha

Posted by Marino

@sarge1445 said:

not sure if you mind going back and looking this up check who the people from nevada are I want to see if it was our group haha

It would probably be easier for you to look for a Mii named Marino in a blue cap from Georgia, but I'm currently laid up from jaw surgery and literally have nothing better to do, so I looked. These are the three I found from Nevada in my Mii Plaza.

  • wark wark
  • Westie
  • Squaba