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Developer support that takes into account the community's feedback is always a plus in my books.
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Toys and board games.  I am biased as I grew up in the '90s, but the game of life was better then.  If you pick up a newer version it most definitely isn't the same or - in my opinion - as good.

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I would like to point out something important to the evolution of different sandwiches.  At one time we had just the chicken salad.  However, when it is placed between two pieces of bread then it became a chicken salad sandwich.  This worked for egg salad sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, etc.  If a sloppy joe sandwich is also considered a sandwich, then a hamburger is most definitely a sandwich.

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@Arjuna: I've seen that Dairy Queen before, just never thought to go their for a burger before.  Will check it out.
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" Lick's is only good if the burger isn't partially cooked before you get it, and it isn't overcooked (which it usually is). I've been to the Craft Burger at Yonge and Bloor once, it's above average but not awesome. 
Hero Burger is the best chain, I'd put it above South Street Burgers which is also solid. As for the best in the city without qualifications, I'm still searching...!  
I'd disagree about Hero Burger being the best chain.  In terms of quality of burger it is fantastic, however the quality of sides is terrible.  Every occasion and every different Hero Burger I try their french fries and am absolutely disappointed with them.  Personally I find the french fry side to be integral to the burger experience.  
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I fit those criteria, definitely would like to beta this game.

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It seems like On The Spot has moved to a show closer to that of Electric Playground.  I will agree that their staff on the show don't seem to have too much personality on camera.  

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It's just that easy eh?  How many payments of $19.99?

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Hey, can I just have the hotdog toaster instead?

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Sam and Max has always been a favourite of mine.  I don't know how I feel about this transition on xbox live arcade yet as it has the "new style" of controls.  Who knows though, Sam and Max may be better with direct control than it did with pointing and clicking.

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The best "indestructible man" story for Nathan Drake.  Similar to a John Mclane story, only not confined to a single city, building, etc.