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Have no issue with Sega doing this, as it at least appears that significant effort is going into ensuring that the pre-order DLC is of a decent quality and as Patrick identifies, it will likely be put up for sale afterwards, thus fulfilling it's role as an incentive to pre-order but not making this DLC exclusive to those who do. I would rather something of actual quality is put up as an incentive, rather than a host of different skin/weapon packs.

The reality is that every consumer has a choice, do you really have to have the DLC on day one? Go ahead and pre-order, or you can exercise restraint and wait until the quality of said game and DLC is more of a known quantity before making your purchasing decision.

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I might have a few biscuits if I've got a cup of tea but that's as far as it goes. If I've eaten snack food I'd feel the need to wash my hands before playing.

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I've only played the demo and for me it just didn't feel like I remember Tony Hawk games feeling. Add to that a lack of levels and Activision's plan to add a few more at 400MSP a pop and I couldn't justify purchasing it over dusting off my old PS2 and playing the original versions of 1 & 2.

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Persona 4 (Endurance run).


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I can only speak to them up to 2010 as I stopped playing the new versions then and have reverted to playing PES5; to put it simply FIFA feels more arcadey and PES is more of a sim, whether this is still true I don't know. Also FIFA has all the licences (which is important to some) meaning you get all the proper team names, badges and kits which isn't the case in Pro Evo.

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@pyromagnestir: Just re-counted and I do indeed have 5. I'm a ways off getting though them! Still have 12 hours left of the first book.

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Game of Thrones (Although technically I'm not reading, I downloaded the audiobooks for each of the four books in the series)

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Viva Piñata is a franchise I'd definitely recommend. Probably also be worth getting him one of the Lego games (Which one depending on whether your son is into any of the properties they've done).

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Have you looked at the floor, I wonder if there's something in your inventory that looks the same?

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Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Alpha Protocol.