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That. song. is. so. awful.

I thought it had a cool 90's charm to it. I can totally see why they didn't put it in the game, it doesn't particularly fit with the tone or style of the game, but it fits right in with a lot of early 90's cartoon intro's.

The problem with a new Naughty Dog Crash game is that the modern day Naughty Dog is virtually unrecognizable from the Naughty Dog of the 90's. It wouldn't be the Naughty Dog that made the original games, it would be virtually an entirely new studio. And a studio that has far more experience with narrative-driven third person action games than anything resembling a 90's style 3D platformer. I'm not sure Naughty Dog would even want to make a new Crash game. They're probably happy carrying on making their current style of game.

I love the old Crash games, but I don't think a new one would work for a million reasons. If someone could pull it off, I'd love to see it, but if it ever does get announced I'll be veeeery skeptical until the final product is in my hands.

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I posted these in UPF chat, but no one said they used them, so they might still be valid:



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Neptune's Pride is a free-to-play multiplayer 4X space game based around the concept of leaving it and coming back to it. It's a super slow game that takes weeks to complete. The idea is you login, make your decisions and then leave it for 12 hours then come back to it later.

It's very focused on interaction with other players, though. There is no AI, it's all real players. And the game lasting for weeks and having to login and check it regularly means that it isn't for everyone, but it can definitely be a fun experience.

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I always get confused between Legend of the Kay and Mark of Kri. I don't know why.

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This has been doing the rounds on social media this morning, and it's absolutely rad.

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You'd think for something like Rare Replay, which is a load of different games in one package, they'd let you pick and choose which games you want to install. So you could, for example, install Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts whilst ignoring the other two garbage entries to that franchise. (I kid. Mostly).

But I guess that makes too much sense, so let's just have everyone download 40 GB of data instead. Although that article doesn't specifically say that you need to install all of them at once, so maybe you will be able to pick and choose? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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I somehow managed to completely miss this when you initially posted it. Congrats, duder, I hope your transition continues as well as it has been so far.

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why do people care it's just fucking video games i'm not saying it's bad but fuck why is this even a big deal? put a guy/girl/trans/alien/bear/spinning_skull.gif on the front of a box who gives a shit just play the game if it's good and don't play it if it's shit jesus

You're right that it shouldn't be a big deal. People shouldn't have to care about this sort of thing. But both the games industry and the sports industry are massively unequal, so when things like this happen it's a good sign of positive change happening to better represent different groups of people in the game.

In a perfect world, it shouldn't be a big deal. But this isn't a perfect world and stuff like this is a small step towards making things more equal.

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I rarely add anyone as a friend on Steam unless it's someone who I know really well. Even then, Steam is rarely our main avenue for conversation.

I do accept pretty much anyone as a friend if they send a request, though. I'll probably never talk to them, but if they want to add me to their friends list sure, why not?

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It's not often I buy a game that I have no intention of playing, but I did that with Contradiction. I'm going to watch Vinny, Alex & Austin play through it, so I won't play it myself, but it's one of those cases where I felt like I had to support the developer. The quirkiness and charm of the game is just fantastic.