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Isn't it funny after you see one guy die, and another die from being a coward that you instantly drink the blood? My character must have been thirsty.
I was totally expecting to live after that. It would be great if they had a game over screen, and then said, "just kidding."

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Hell no! Extra combat ready person > a stupid dog.

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@Skytylz said:
" Custom 1 Custom 2   .... "
This. I can't bother with typing out crap.
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and Mark Meer is my favourite voice-actor on the citadel.

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Canadian company so it makes sense.
Yeah, Shepard is Canadian if you are earth-born. He or she is Spacadian if he or she  is a spacer. If you are a colonist, Shepard was born in a Canadian colony.
Yeah, I know, the truth hurts some, strengthens others.

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Douchebagger, fanboyism, spam, and bigotry.
I'm sure there are idiots who flag for people having a different opinion than them.

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I don't think it deserves GOTY; maybe multiplayer GOTY.
Gamespot giving Demon's Souls GOTY was just an attempt to grab the hardcore gamers' attention to their site. Apparently, Gamespot is hurting in the visitor department.
Nice to see Giantbomb gives the GOTY to a game that actually deserves it, rather than trying to appeal to the "hardcore" or "casual."

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It'll be better than ODST that's for sure.
I'm really looking forward to the fact there won't be 5 grenade types (one that isn't even used in matchmaking) hundreds of useless weapons, etc... Looks like Bungie is going back to basics (which is the right thing to do).

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Looks like most are buying this for the nostalgia/brand name. This game will most likely be mediocre at best, and after playing a ton of WRPGs, I can say this game looks like an old game covered up in a shiny coat of paint. 
I've grown up from JRPGs. It was cool to be an otaku when you were 12, but now, most of us have responsibilities, and don't have time for 30 hours of grinding.  Seems like most of the Game Industry covers these repetitive, and generally mediocre games so they don't piss off all the otakus.