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Features a new section of the game where Cole gets really sick and has a long, playable fever dream where he's a cowboy in the early 1900s who's forced to hunt down his old gang member buddies in order to save his family.

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God, this thread is the best.

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As a married dude who's had his share of relationships in the past with a pretty good variety of types of girls (including a previous marriage, way too young), I can definitely give you this advice: while it's not especially cool to go reading her Facebook messages (unless they were public and I missed that somehow), get the fuck out of that relationship immediately.

Take your time and find someone you love and trust and who loves you back. It might take you a while, be patient. Nice guys might finish last, but they finish best.

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Definitely waiting for reviews. Really enjoyed the second one, but I have a bad feeling about it. Maybe it'll turn out to be great, but I don't know if I'll be pre-ordering very often anymore. I got completely burned on Homefront.

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BF3 looks incredible, but basically all that really means is there are more Call of Duty screenshots on the web than there are BF3 right now.

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Heck yeah, televise that shit.

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@beard_of_zeus: I never saw it in game either, but I read online that it's an extra 100k, so yeah, give that a shot.

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Really, it's just basically keep that PERFECT multiplier going through pretty much the entire level. Not easy, and requires some real rhythm. If there are less than 8 enemies on screen, it won't break your multiplier, so at least there's that. It's pretty hard, I have yet to do it myself.

Also, having three Euphoria unused at the end of a level gives you 100k extra, so maybe that will help put you over the edge.

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I don't have a problem with Valve making some levels for Razer (a couple of the potatoes from the recent ARG could only be obtained if you used a Razer gaming mouse), but as far as the controller itself goes, that is definitely not how I want to play PC games.