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This is great. Possibly one step closer to having integration between platforms. Transfering saves is cool, but please let us play multiplayer games against (or with) other platforms. I dream of one big (happy) gaming community. :)

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Looks like this is how I will finally get wii motion +. Thanks Nintendo.

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I have had similar thoughts except I have started my second playthrough playing as an all bad Shepard. On my first playthrough I was the quintessential nice guy choosing the Paragon option every time, but  hearing people talk about the renegade options made me want to experience it for myself. I too will not be using it to import into ME3 (going to use my "good" guy) but am still excited to see all the content ME2 has to offer. I also just bought the three DLC pack (thanks Microsoft for your "countdown to 2011" promotion. 200 points each is a bargain).

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And again Australians (or more specifically non US/UK) get screwed. Glad to see our support means anything to you Microsoft.

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Who says "you can't get anything for free these days".

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For all you Australians, it has been rumored/announced that Foxtel (cable TV) is coming to XBOX Live soon. I don't know the details but it sounds very similar to this.

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Nice work guys. You keep improving like this and your going to make everyone else look bad.

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I think the PS3 has made up a lot of ground this year and it's now my most played console of all three. This is mainly due to the free online and the fact that I haven't renewed my XBox Live gold account yet. Nintendo on the other hand (i think) have really abandoned the core gamer. I have not played a Wii game since Mario Galaxy (except for the very short time I had with Mario Kart). Let's hope Mad World for the Wii brings some love back to Nintendo for the serious gamer. 
On another note, why is it that I still find myself thinking games look better on 360 when Playstation is the superior spec'ed console. Is it that hard to program on? First party Sony games look great but when I have a choice to buy a game on 360 or PS3, I keep finding myself going for 360. I think this might turn around soon as I did buy Mirror's Edge and Far Cry 2 on PS3 and they both look great.

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Talk about a backfire. I would be pissed if I was the team that made Tomb Raider: Underworld. Now the game may not get the sales it might have. I think the gaming public are smart enough to look at reviews as a guide but judge the game for them selves, on it's own merits. I still intend to buy it, but that's just because I tend to buy almost everything these days.

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I agree that the graphics aren't the best out there but when the game is this much fun, who cares. It's still impressive that everyone's game is different due to the highly customized character.