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#1 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

Playing all of my favorite PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on my PS4? Sold! I'm so glad i upgraded my connection recently, i'll be taking full advantage of this. Hopefully the pricing is reasonable.

Sony is hitting a bunch of home runs right now.

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I followed this dude all the way from his days at gamespot, he was one of my favorite personalities in the industry as a kid growing up.

Him dying right around what should've been the happiest days of his life is just tragic. I can't even imagine what his wife must be going through right now.

I'll miss him on quick looks, his crazy tweets on twitter, and his silly laugh that i've grown to love so much.


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Oh wow man he just got married. I can't even imagine how his wife feels right now.

R.I.P Ryan Davis things just won't even be the same without you here.

#4 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

I was staunchly against DRM but i can't say the same for paying for online play. I've been paying for Live Gold for the longest time, which i regret, but if sony doesn't have services like Netflix, youtube, etc behind a paywall then i will gladly buy a PS+ sub and support it. It offers tons of great value and sony is awesome for coming up with it in the first place.

#5 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

Sony saved one of my favorite hobby with that press conference and made me feel like a little kid again. Outside of the Vita stuff, i loved every moment of the press conference.

They made me realize that there are still a lot of GREAT titles still coming out for the Ps3(TLOU, BEYOND, Rain) and i thought the Ps4 games they showed were varied and great as well:

-That Infamous: Second Son trailer made it one of my top 5 most anticipated next gen games, looking VERY GOOD.

-Watch_ Dogs looked great and i can't wait to sink my teeth into it

-Final Fantasy XV looks amaaaaazing. Hopefully it's still open world, and i really like the ARPG direction.

-Kingdom Hearts III was amazing, of course.

-I look forward to playing A Realm Reborn on Ps4.

-The Order looked interesting

-Destiny looked marvelous.

-All the indie stuff looked fun.

Then of course Sony went cold blooded on microsoft, which launched the conference into historic levels. Sony owned the moment and was great to see.

#6 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

@xyzygy said:

If Microsoft doesn't change their policies they are doomed! There is no way in hell anyone would choose to buy an Xbox One over a PS4. I don't care what you say, the facts speak for themselves and it's just the better console. But does Microsoft have what it takes to change their ways and reduce limitations to their system? Microsoft is a huge company and I don't see them just taking this huge hit without doing something.

I am totally buying a PS4. But I mean the games on the One that they showed today were amazing. I feel the only real good exclusives that ps4 had were infamous, killzone, the order, and FFXV (I cannot stand kingdom hearts) and that game was kind of announced like forever ago so it's really nothing new. However I loved almost every single game that Microsoft showed and they definitely seemed to have more quantity and focus on games. All they need to do is loosen up their restrictions and pricing to a PS4 level and then it will actually be competitive. At this point there is no competition.

Microsoft will definitely survive and are too hunkered down to backtrack on any of their policies now. The Xbone will have great (Exclusive) titles: I can't image MS releasing Halo 5 and no one being there to play it, or no one picking up an Xbone to play TitanFall. Millions of gamers will still buy Xbones.

With that said though, i feel that if things continue the way they are, you were see ps4 dominate marketshare on a ps2 level. Low price, more powerful hardware, great exclusives, excellent 3rd party/Indie support, no draconian/restrictive DRM, and at least feature parity with Xbox Live Gold will make the Ps4 the gamer's console of choice.

#7 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

Outside of CLOOOOOOOOUD POWEEEEEERRRRRR, Microsoft barely went into details about the features of their console. Their strategy was to sweep all of that under the rug and hope that gamers would abandon their principles well, because, PRETTY GAMES and convince us to buy it anyway. I think they failed on that front.

MGSV looked amazing, and if they had announced that as an Xbox one exclusive i would've burst into a pile of salt. However it's likely coming out on Ps4, so i'll probably just buy it there(assuming Ps4 has no heavy DRM). Same thing with The Witcher 3 and other multiplatform games they showed.

Most of their real exclusives looked uninteresting, outside of TitanFall(which may only be timed exclusive), which was basically the same frantic ADD shooter in the vein of CoD, only this time with MECHS! Ryse was a pretty QTE fest, Dead Rising looked generic, i still haven't seen much from Quantum Break that would lead me to buy it, and hey, you can play Minecraft on Xbone now!

Then you come out and announce the 499 pricepoint? Really? Straight up arrogance. They just made that pill even tougher to swallow. If you had the same conference and like a 350/399 price point, then maybe people would start to crack, but 499? hell no.

#8 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

Call of Duty will never, EVER be exclusive to a single platform; It's too big of a franchise and too crucial to Activision's plans.

Microsoft will probably secure timed exclusive DLC map packs, along with the increased exposure on microsoft platforms similar to this gen.

#9 Posted by MegaMagick (40 posts) -

Or give me a Star Wars game with a similar structure to mass effect, I'd be good with that

Worst case scenario. No thank you on that.

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I just want to get a KoTOR style RPG out of this. I'm not interested in a star wars skinned battlefield FPS or whatever TPS visceral ends up making.

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