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I watched it awhile back, and I never could figure out why people thought it was so great. It's fine, and there are things I liked about it, but overall I was just uninterested/bored a lot. I get that people say it's a pretty accurate portrayal of real life in Baltimore, but maybe that was my problem. I don't want to watch TV/movies to see real life. I watch TV/movies to get away from real life.

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Edit: Also, holy shit they might hit every stretch goal within 24 hours. They're already at 3/4 of a million pounds.

Yeah. When I first saw this I was hoping they would hit that last stretch goal since I don't have a good PC and would prefer playing it on my PS4. I didn't expect them to get there as fast as it seems like they will. I've never gave to any kickstarter before, but I almost want to go ahead and throw some money in.

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I download on my PC all the time. It's the only way I watch stuff, because it will crash if I try to stream it. I've never ran into that problem using Firefox and the DownThemAll add on. Could your connection be getting interrupted before the download finishes? That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.

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@metalbaofu: Huh I thought the US would be better about that stuff. The default warrantly on Electronic goods here is 2 years, longer under certain conditions I think.

Yeah, I've always thought one year kind of sucked. You can pay extra, of course, and get extended warranties.

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@metalbaofu: As for that link, my problem is that I followed guides like this. Sony doesn't count it as "contacting them" if you went to the PlayStation help center and followed the instructions. The lesson I learned was to send your hardware in for service at the first sign of trouble.

Yeah. I always think that if something is acting up, then nothing I do will permanently fix it, so I always want to send it in if I still have warranty on it. BTW, I had to send mine in too, not long after I got it. It was a different problem, though. Mine started just randomly turning itself off. I could be playing a game, watching Netflix, looking at friends/trophies, or just sitting on the dashboard doing nothing, and it would just turn off.

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@koolaid: I edited my last post with something else I found on Google that you might want to try at some point if you need to. Just wanted to let you know in case you missed the edit.

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We're only a year and half into the console's life, how is the warranty up already? Also as the above post says, surely there are Citizen's Advice Bureaus around? I got this from googling, see what they say.

If you got the system at launch the warranty would have ran out last November. The default warranty was only for 1 year.

@koolaid: My cousin's PS4 did similar things not long after he got it. It would just eject discs, not accept discs, and beep like it was trying to eject stuff when there was no discs even in the system. It basically seemed like the eject button was getting triggered all the time. When we called Sony about it, they immediately issued a repair order without having us try to do anything to fix it at all.

Since your warranty is up, I would try removing that rubber foot piece someone else mentioned, if you haven't already. I remember seeing a lot of people saying that fixed their problem. I don't know if you have the same cause for the problem as they did, but I guess it couldn't hurt to try at this point.

Edit: Found this through Google. I guess it could be worth trying.

I couldn't just link it for some reason.

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Netflix (Canada atleast) stopped getting more episodes after season 2 :/. I really enjoyed the show, but haven't seen further than that.

I don't think US Netflix has ever had any of it on. I don't remember ever seeing it on there, at least. A lot of people would say that you've seen the best of it. I might would agree, because season 2 is great, but I really liked the rest of it, too.

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Just watched it. I wouldn't want the show to drag out too long with too many seasons, but it sucks that it's gone now. I don't think there is a current show I enjoyed watching quite as much as Justified. I really like Arrow and The Flash, and Daredevil looks good, but those are all comic book things. They don't have the same feel as Justified(I guess nothing does, really).

I really thought they had killed off Raylan for a second. I've always thought they could go either way with that. I'm glad they didn't, though.

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I think I died more on the first two bosses than you did the whole game. I plan on sending the game back to Gamefly now. I have no desire to play it anymore. I just don't think I have the patience for these games. I got pretty far into Dark Souls 1, but never actually finished it either.

Maybe it will be on PS+ one day or something and I can download it and slowly chip away at it. I do like playing it. I just get burned out really fast on having to redo stuff. I probably ran that loop in the first area 15 times or so to level up so I could beat the first boss. When I finally managed to beat the second boss, I proceeded to explore the next area and died to the asshole on the gun turret. Now every time I think about playing it again I just remember that I have to make my way back through that spot and I just lose all interest. Especially since I have other stuff I can play(Fantasy Life, PS+ stuff, Dragon Age, Life is Strange, Grim Fandango, etc.).

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Maybe even just on the main menu, having a list of friends who achieved the platinum.

The PS4 does that under the "What's New" thing, which is what it defaults to when you turn it on. I've got in the habit of scrolling down through that for a bit when I first turn my system on. You can also scroll down on individual games to the recent activity and see what your friends have done in that specific game. It would be cool if they could have it do something within the game, though.

On topic, no, I won't get it for this game. I liked Dark Souls but never finished it. I didn't like Dark Souls 2 at all. For Bloodborne, I really like a lot of stuff about it, but I'm finding I don't seem to have the patience to play it as much as I did Dark Souls 1. I finally managed to kill the second boss, but I just have no desire to play it anymore.