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I don't get why the idea of pre-ordering is so weird to some people. I'm going to buy the game either way, so I'm going to pre-order on Amazon. I get it delivered to my house on day one, and I can slowly pay it off over however many months. I currently only owe 28 more dollars on it. I'd much rather do that than have to ride to a store when it comes out and pay the full price all at once, or order off of Amazon after it's release, not get it on day one, and pay the full price.

I'm about a 30 minute drive to the nearest store that sells games too, so that's probably a factor in my decision.

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I already have from Amazon. I pre-ordered it because there is a 0% chance that I wouldn't buy it, and I've been paying it off with gift cards so it won't be a full price charge all at once. Plus, I like the release day delivery.

I'm one of those people that enjoyed Dragon Age 2, though. I would say I didn't like it as much as Origins, but I think it is far from the pile of shit that a lot of people think it was.

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@pinner458: Yeah. I don't know how much room is reserved for firmware stuff either. No idea what that other 10GB could be if it's not installed games/game data/game saves/movies/etc.

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I started up Counterspy and it works fine. Can see leader boards and the rival spy stuff works. Then I started up Garden Warfare and it couldn't connect to EA servers. Tried it again a few minutes later and it's connected, and I am currently in a match. Downside is that the match only has 3 people in it.

Edit: The match filled up after a minute or so.

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Yeah. PS3 and Vita still seem to be working fine, but still can't connect to PSN on PS4. As mentioned, I can use Netflix on it(watching that now).

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@tharrington: curious, have you tried any games aside from diablo 3(that's all I've tried)

I played some Counterspy on PS4 earlier. I can play it fine, but it can't connect for any leader boards or the rival agent stuff.

Edit: Restarted my PS4 after I made this post and it has connected to PSN. I haven't tried any games, but I can see my friends/messages/trophies.

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PSN isn't back up for me :/

What system? I seem able to log in on my PS3 and Vita, but not my PS4. Once I saw I could get online on my PS3 I went to see if I could play a couple matches of Garden Warfare on my PS4, but it still won't connect.

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I was never able to understand the PS3 storage management. Still to this day I don't know how much room I have left and I'm dreading the next (last?) PS3 disc I buy requiring an install and not having enough room.

Go over to the settings column on the dashboard, then down to system settings, then down again to system information.. It will show you how much space you have left.

I regularly go through my game data folder and remove game installs for games that I won't be playing anymore. I currently only have 5.4GB free, though, thanks to PS+ stuff.

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Ah. I didn't know you couldn't preload it in the UK.

I have yet to pre-order anything digital, but from what i understand anything that is pre-ordered is automatically added to some kind of download queue so you don't have to worry about forgetting it. And since pre-loading is now standard for all pre-orders, anything you pre-oder in the future should pre-load a few days before so long as you leave the PS4 in standby. Even if you just bought it the PS4 should do its usual standby checks soon enough to DL it before Tuesday if it didn't already start when you bought it, or you can probably manually force it like MetalBaofu said.

Yeah. It will do it automatically, but it seems a little iffy at times. I had Rogue Legacy set to autodownload, and left the PS4 in standby when I went to sleep, but it never started and I had to start it manually.

I didn't have my PS4 in standby last night, but when I turned it on this morning it started downloading Garden Warfare on its own, but it didn't start Counterspy. Had to start it manually.

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My PC is too crappy to run it, so I was waiting for a console release. Then they announced it was going to come to PS4, so I put off getting the PS3 version.