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Is this not going to be on the PS4?

Nope, which is why I have to pretend it doesn't exist. Wait, what were we talking about?

Heh...I just noticed that you posted the last comment a month ago in that thread I linked to.

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Sly Cooper HD. Easiest platinum trophy out there. I came really close with Saints Row The Third as well, but I fucked up and eliminated all the gang members from Steelport before getting the 'taunt 50 enemy gang members' Saint's Book challenge.

I'd say the easiest is something like Walking Dead Season 1, but yeah, the Sly Cooper ones were pretty easy, too. I believe there is a way to get that Saint's Row trophy even after taking over everything. I'd have to look up what it was, though...can't remember.

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  • Uncharted (I basically have Uncharted 2's as well, but I needed to do a co op mission which I'm pretty sure you can't do anymore)

You'd just have to find someone on one of the trophy websites or somewhere that still needs it or is willing to help you get it. My cousin has done that to get a couple online trophies for games that no one was playing anymore.

To answer the topic question, I have 70. I believe the most recent was a month or so ago when I finished getting the trophies in Garden Warfare.

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I remember when Dragon Age: Inquisition came out, and people were saying they couldn't remember choices/characters to put into the Keep thing.

That's me with this game. I never played Witcher 1. I played part 2 once on 360. The only names I know are Geralt, Triss, and Yennefer, and I barely remember Triss and Yennefer. Everything else you guys are saying is a mystery to me. So, I have no idea what choices I made. I would assume I did whatever I thought the "good" option was.

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I grabbed Mass Effect and The Raven. No idea when I'll get around to playing them, though.

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I've never played any of these. Just got a 3DS recently, so I'm pretty interested in trying this out. I've got it downloaded, but haven't tried it yet.

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iirc they misidentified the Thom Yorke mural in the video as well, so don't feel too bad! I can't remember who they thought it was though?

I just re-watched it. He says he thinks it is Eminem.

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Get it. Like "pants", but they can't say "pants" because they're British, I guess.

lol Americans. I'm pretty sure the rest of the world gets it. It's not even that clever. A Trouser Snake is a penis.

I don't think it has anything to do with being American. I've certainly heard the term before.

Ditto. I first heard it a real long time ago...can't remember where, though.

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I went with The Witcher. I'm pretty interesting in Batman and that Puzzle and Dragons on the 3DS, too. I would be interested in Splatoon, if I had a Wii U.

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The only games in the series that I would call bad are the first one and Unity(I haven't played Rogue yet), so I went with "mildly interested." I know they can put out something I love like Black Flag, but they can also put out something like Unity.