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@newhaap said:

Also Adewale, the most badass assassin ever to star in an Assassin's Creed game (okay DLC but he's still the star)

I just found out about that recently. He's like the only one character with real African history attached. I don't like AC Very much but he was a cool character, nonetheless. It would be cool to see the same engine with a king like Tenkamenin riding horses, castles talking democratically politics with the people/citizens and fighting off invasions.

@heyguys said:

Lee from The Walking Dead, of course.

He doesn't really have any African culture though.

Crazy how there's no African adventure platformers in 2014! We'll catch up though & games will start to elevate because of diversity and competition. I only donated $1 CAD with my check-to-check self, but someone covered the gap in the waning hours. The future of gaming is looking bright for the consumer. Very excited 4 the future.

Happy New Year to All. :D

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@buft: that's come to think of it that and GTA, those are gangbanging/unorganized crime video games.

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@brodehouse: This game is set in Africa with a black hero. So I thought that was unique. I don't know how many times that's been done.

I would love for someone to point me to a list of black protagonists in video games.

I doubt there are many and so I really want this to succeed.

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Saw this online and wanted to help get this funded. African games are far in between and I really like the character design.

Would be really cool if the game could get funded quickly and I'd hate to see such a novel concept for a small business project fail.

I'm not the owner and don't know much about the game but here's the link:



"Piye Chronicles will be an exciting, classic side-scrolling action game for iOS & Android mobile platforms. it will feature characters from the indie comic series and graphic novel, Chronicles of Piye. You will play the character Piye, fighting your way through hordes of demon warriors in a quest to obtain the ancient artifact, the Amulet of Fire. In this initial version there will be 4 levels, which will have their own environments, evil henchmen and a powerful villains at the end of each level who will have to be defeated before you advance. Piye's weapon will be his trusted sword, Amitti, The Soul Devourer which can be used to block enemy assaults and launch cool attacks against the bad guys.

Chronicles of Piye fans have been clamouring for a mobile game, so we decided to develop a game for mobile platforms called Piye Chronicles. Set in the exotic environment of the ancient, African kingdom of Kerma. This one of a kind mobile game will deliver lots of thrills, excitement and a unique gaming experience."



I will be donating because I like the slick visuals and historical figure of Piye and I have always had my own characters and stories I wanted to tell.

That being said, my question is, are there any other African platformer games currently on the market if at all?

I think this could be a watershed moment and set a precedent with blacks/Africans starring in video games.

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I personally wasn't a big watcher of the videos but the outpouring of emotion compelled me too log in and post my condolences. From what I've read he was a gregarious fun loving guy. I believe he'd want his family and friends at giantbomb to persevere, have fun and make the world a better place. Here's hoping that that happens. RIP Ryan Davis.

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Budokai #1 was my thing. That and Bloody Roar Primal Fury.

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@triviaman09 said:

Damn it. PS3 is the one I actually want to drop in price.

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I used to eat it till it tasted like chemicals. It tastes good to me but if you eat a whole bag of the stuff it starts tasting like vomit.

It's made of honey. It must be a chemical in the honey. Maybe its honey bee skeet.

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Thanks guys much appreciated.

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