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My dream is to have a home I'm satisfied with, already have no debt but that'd be one, and to have enough disposable income to indulge in my hobbies. Yeah, having money for retirement is also key. Obviously children don't fit into that dream at all.

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I just pick whoever is like Ryu.

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I'm still shocked that blowing up personal vehicles is considered Bad Sport behavior. I was trying to steal a helicopter that actually had guns on it when someone shot me out of the cockpit and stole it instead. However, he left his vehicle behind so I figured the only revenge I could get was putting a sticky bomb on the thing and watching it burn. I was really confused and angry when the Bad Sport warning popped up.

So killing people and costing them thousands of dollars is a-okay? But once you mess with another man/woman's automobile that's too far? This is Grand Theft Auto right? I don't understand this "anything but the vehicle!" mentality. You insure that thing or you take your chances. I wish I had the Ignition Bomb unlocked for that, but I'm not sure if it carries over through matchmaking and doing jobs. It would have been like a free-form Marco's Bistro mission from GTA III.

Anyways, still baffled destroying other people's cars after they've wronged you is considered bad behavior, considering how many missions are based around doing bad things to another person's car for little to no reason.

Eh, fuck those pussies. The day I am put in the "Bad Sport" pool of players is the day I wear it like a badge of honor. It's GTA. PK'ing and blowing shit up is the name of the game. If some asshole doesn't like it, perhaps they should go play some care bear video game where their hand is held 24/7.

haha I think the issue here is why is PKing ok but not collateral damage?

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It seems that if you follow their warnings you'll be ok. Not the ones from weeks ago, but what Demoskinos just mentioned.

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Yeah. It kinda wears off after awhile. Until you don't have it anymore. Then it's suddenly the most important thing ever.

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Wait Rorie has a contact at Rockstar? I thought all of that talk was just people being silly. What video did he talk about this? Also, I wish it would go above 300 a lot of the people in the default PS3 crew seem to never play online anymore. I think there should be weekly pruning of the member list. If active players who can't get in could do so by removing some of the chaff taking up spots the person in charge should do that.

It wasn't in a video, just the Twitch chat for a video. I asked him how it was coming and he said we're likely screwed.

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Ok I didn't know there was an actual dunce cap. That is fucking amazing.

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Hip hop fans don't like hip hop anymore. The reason for that is that it's complete shit.

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I keep all my shit on one screen.

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@phantomzxro Well there is the fact that last gen everybody's launch 360's and PS3's, which they paid the premium price for, broke.