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I like T.I., but if you want a different strain of rapping my favorite is K'naan

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Haha the limited edition quest is ridiculous when you figure it out! you will want to hit yourself when you figure it out.

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i always enjoy how the "giant bomb" cant go through customs and such!

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sounds like a lot of fun, i mean i am normally here for the videos and video game information, but there is NOTHING wrong with spicing up the experience and letting me look around the sight for a bit more knowledge.

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well the characters dont seem as cool when the pull out an umbrella in the rain, characters that can be like "man who cares about this hard rain" have a bit more spunk which is generally the main characters you will see.

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I am actaully enjoying the music, the Saxophone is awesome and it reminds me of the SNL Sergio sketch, and some of it has nice sounds but it doesnt really work with the game i feel.

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Sometimes if you have just recently downloaded an application the image wont actually show up right away, generally if that happens to me a simple restart fixes the problem... but maybe you are dealing with a different problem.

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@JJWeatherman said:
" lmao. N64!!   I need an expansion pack for my brain to understand how that video ever got made.  Oh, and dude totally has banana mouth at 1:36 "
man i was going to say that hahaha
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The hurt locker was an very enjoyable and tense movie, had me at the edge of my seat a couple times, good movie!

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@TheGreatGuero said:

" @MysteriousBob said:

" @TheGreatGuero said:
" I would disagree about all of these statements. Halo, Avatar, and Modern Warfare 2 are not overrated. People just like to find reasons to hate whatever is popular. "
Look, I hate Halo but I'll admit its not a BAD game, just average. Its overrated-ness stems from its undeserved popularity. Avatar on the other hand was fucking terrible and was below average. "
Halo is far from average. It changed things. It raised the bar for console FPS games, and it did it with style. I have my own gripes with the series, but the first Halo was incredible, and the sequels have been solid too (well, I think Halo 2's campaign was totally lousy, but I've never had more fun playing a game online than I did with Halo 2).  Calling Avatar terrible is just ridiculous. It's a phenomenal movie, and a masterpiece in filmmaking. Whether you didn't get it, or didn't like it, or just are hating on it because it's now the highest grossing movie of all time, well, whatever. As far as movies go, it was nothing short of remarkable. "
Avatar is not a masterpiece in filmmaking it is a masterpiece in technology, what they did technologically in that movie was incredible (the had a crazy amount of money to do it also), But the movie itself isn't incredible. Take away a fourth of their budget and that movie wouldn't have been nearly as technologically great, or visually appealing. The plot itself is washed up and cliche and thus the movie is overrated. The movie is still going to appeal to a large group of people because you have to be rated relatively well to be overrated, but maybe it didn't deserve all of the all the credit it or whatever is rated highly earned. One example of this is the Boston Celtics (pre there horrible streak over the last couple of months), they are a good team, but they aren't as good as everyone makes them out to be, and thus they are overrated. They are still good bit they aren't as amazing as they are placed to be.