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I have a question for everyone what is your favorite game to play that is, by way of ratings and critical response, a "horrible game?" This could be a game you never tell others about because you are ashamed to let people know you play or something in the strain of that! Or we can even expand it what is a video game character or game that  you have fallen in love with and you know you would get flack from your friends for admitting it? 
As for myself I very much enjoy the Samurai Warriors games, there is some kind of simple fun there that just keeps me hooked!

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Well the pictures look awesome... wonder if the game will be just as good

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But still they normally dont announce the games a till a bit after the american release. It will be interesting to see what happens with this.

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Darnit I am trying to remember the songs, but there are multiple songs that bring flashbacks of playing armagetron advanced, a free tron game that is a lot of fun surprisingly

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It is intersting that they announced this so quickly, but i am intrigued. Maybe it will be a normal pokemon series game for the wii, not like the colliseum counterparts.

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The brad videobomb was AWESOME!

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Yeah once you get, YOU GET IT how is that for a clue?

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I am level 6 and 1/2

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I like T.I., but if you want a different strain of rapping my favorite is K'naan

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Haha the limited edition quest is ridiculous when you figure it out! you will want to hit yourself when you figure it out.