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Also, wouldn't it just be better to upgrade to an 80gb zune for around 20 bucks instead of going for the 16gb Nano?

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They're the exact same price right now.

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Oh and the screen is sexy on the Zune. In comparison to the iPod classic at least...

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From what I know the Zune's updates actually add features to the player. And the updates are free for all those who own older Zune's.

One thing I still can't get over is the storage problem. 16gb is absolutely nothing considering I already have 13gb of music and if I include movies and music I easily have over 50gb of media on my computer. That's a very conservative guess by the way.

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The question is simple: Which is better? The Zune or the iPod? I'm trying to decide between the 16gb iPod Touch, mostly for Safari,  and the 80/120gb Zune because it's interface is damn sexy. The problem with the Touch is that it doesn't have nearly enough storage for me, especially for the huge price tag.

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Windwos Movie Maker is being a bitch. It keeps giving me the error "Windows Movie Maker cannot save the file in the specified location. Verify that the original source files used in your movie are still available, that the saving location is still available, and that there is enough space available, then try again."
I've tried everything its asked me to try. I have plenty of space (42GB of harddrive space, only 30mb movie) and I've made a special folder with all the video files I used JUST for Windows Movie Maker. If anyone has any idea what's wrong please help. Are there any free Video Editors out there for Windows XP that are any good and can offer me the features of Windows Movie Maker?
Thanks for any help

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Today i just really feel like reformatting my computer. I simply have way too much crap on this thing (I know what you're thinking). Sadly before I reformat I've got to back up all my music and movies and that'll easily take a couple hours. 

So anyways, how often do you guys reformat, if at all?
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Don't you hate it when a game has online achievements but is either too damn old for you to find someone to play with online or you just don't have a gold membership at all? Frankly, that really pisses me off. Thankfully COD4 did not include any online achievements.

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Just wondering because I recently bought the game dirt cheap ($10) at Gamestop and love it. I wanted to play online but haven't found the time to do so yet but also since the game is so old I doubt anyone would even be playing online.

#10 Posted by MisterShak (29 posts) -

send them a message from another account asking for the same thing. see what they do.

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