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No. Cool idea though.

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Where can I pre-order the Collector's Edition? I'm in the US.

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My username is:


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Add me on PSN: Mitchell0712

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These are all great.

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Miss ya man. I'm listening to the 2009 podcasts and it's just as entertaining as ever.

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You can't shrink the UI.

Once you finish 10 matches of Limited Hero Pool you can try the other modes.

As you play more matches you'll get less people leaving and speaking different languages. You might be playing with peoples' alternate accounts so they don't care much.

I would still complete the tutorial quests, you get a nice Sniper set out of it.

I came from LoL and this is the guide that I still pour over after 1500 hours of game time: Welcome to Dota, You Suck (it might be old but still has a lot to offer)

Ask some people to play with you from the Giant Bomb chat lobby. Hit the + button on the right at the main menu where party chat is. There's always at least 60 people in that lobby.

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Sold out at Best Buy when I went.

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Follow up: They ended up charging me. I guess they knew.

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343 Industries is planning to reset everyone's matchmaking rank. It will happen after they fix the bug that makes people hit maximum rank after playing games online. So just enjoy any matches you can get into if you prefer the Halo 2 Anniversary playlist; and don't fret over your rankings just yet.