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Just to spite everyone here, I'm going to make a sandwich in the 23.5 hours Glowing Stars are not playing music.

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@Jeff:  I think the Achievement system still means something, but it's not as broadly respected by a group as it once was. I track my friends' Achievements, and they track mine, but by no means do I ever even consider the highest-scoring Gamerscore duders to be worth my time. The top-tier guys are invariably cheating, which makes any sort of leaderboard tracking worthless.
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Interesting that Capcom didn't actually release any numbers. Is it a legal thing?

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This day really just sort of snuck up on me. It didn't even register for me that it's September.

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Jeff, I could not love and respect you more. This is brilliant. Thanks for acknowledging and detailing this. Hilarious piece of top-notch industry criticism. :)

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This was my favorite game of 08. I'm beyond stoked. <3

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Welcome, the Blockstreet Boys. They will perform their latest hit, Blockstreet's Back!

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I started a new blog recently, and I've been writing about games on it for a bit here. Check it out and leave me some feedback on the Rear Reviews, random blog entries, and others. I've written very little at this point, as I've just started, but I've been able to vent about Rise of the Argonauts, Fable II, and I think I yammered on about Street Fighter.

Or Cammy.

Hm. Cammy.


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Ho. Ly. Shit.

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If you cats want free Gamerscore, you can earn 200 Gees in this sucker in like 10 minutes. Can't say no to that, especially at the low, low price of zero dollars.

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