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17 times worst huh?Shit dont lag any more then the 360 version.The problems is there is no usa players.Find a usa player and it will be just as good as the 360.

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LOL,sf4 is easy to play with the te stick.Go try to play 3rd strike with it and come back tell me how it worked out for you.

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Yes its impressive to see the 1000 person servers but it lags pretty hard

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a 120hz tv cant really do 120fps its just showing 60fps twice.120hz  tvs a really only for watching movies (24fps) because it removes the judder in panning and moving scenes. A 120hz also helps with music games because it helps with ghosting.
I say go for it if you watch alot of movies and play alot of music games.

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Giving mw2 best pc game of the year is a insult.Giantbomb got it right by doing game of the years by systems and then 1 overall game of the year.

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put your pc in your living room and connect it to your 65 inch tv.Problem solved.

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Looks fine if you want to spend that much, but for the love of god dont buy a Creative X-Fi Titanium.The drivers are so bad.If you really need a soundcard get the forte.
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Some of you and the OP have this wrong. However, let me preface this by saying that I love my PC and work as a tools engineer for my livelihood so you don't think I'm just hating on PC's:
A brand spanking new graphics card for your PC costs more than a brand spanking new console.  As long as the console has internet access and a reasonable interface the console is most comparable to replacing your entire PC every few years for the cost of a graphics card.  If you want to argue that PC's are on the bleeding edge then I challenge you to maintain the relevance and cost of a console by buying the best new PC components at the beginning, and only the beginning, of every new console cycle.  At first you'll maintain parity then the costs will go up as the PC becomes incompatible with new cards etc. and will eventually far outstrip console pricing.  At best you'll remain equivalent in computing power but the shrinking PC market seems to be shoving itself more and more into a high-end only corner so in rapid time your PC will be half-assed for the few major tech-demo and intensive strategy games that are released for it.   
My best hope for the OP's original sentiment is that consoles hurry up and start supporting a form of mouse if only for downloadable games (I'm pretty sure that's the only thing holding back a PSN Torchlight).  *Sigh*... I'm making myself sad.

thats not really hard,when 99% of new pc games are console ports. "
That's obviously a made up statistic.  Even if you were to call games like GTA IV and Street Fighter IV console ports, you're ignoring the most salient fact that all console developers use PCs for their work at some point.  Also, Kojog, when you're comparing said new graphics card to a console it behooves you to remember how much more capable that card is in terms of resolution and shader processing than the console.  I know from a lay consumer stand point it's just dollars vs dollars but for real PC gamers the capability definitely is much more important than the cost equation.  The PC Market isn't shrinking by the way.  That is not a defensive posture from me as a PC gamer, it's just a fact.  Consoles are generally sold by mass marketing stores who sell everything from clothes to music.  Yes there are games stores but there SO MANY MORE PC retailers of all shapes and sizes.  People who talk about a shrinking PC market just aren't reading their newspapers and magazines. "

 Gta is a bad port,it runs like shit even on the best hardware and sf4 runs on older hardware fine.
and on the shrinking market ,ati already sold 2 million dx11 cards in a few months.
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" PC gaming will always be the Master race, even in dark ages such as these. We just sit back and watch them fight amongst themselves. When the time is right we emerge from the shadows to stomp the console peasants back into the dirt where they belong! "
well said
pc will be as big as console gaming again when they figure out this piracy problem.4 million downloads of mw2 on the pc,if that was in sales it would of out sold the ps3 version.
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You can get rid of the overscan in the videocard control panel or disable overscan.If your tv has this option put it on "just scan".