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The fates will make certain that no good "South Park" game will ever exist. Through ANY means necessary. Bad news all around.

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If there is a drastic redesign (such as an added joystick) I may never buy a Nintendo handheld again. I would probably trade my 3DS in towards a Vita. If it was something like a 3DS Lite or something, thinner with better battery or something, that wouldn't bug me too much. I really doubt either will be the case however. They'll probably announce a game or two and maybe some new channel and show Mario Kart, Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear Solid 3, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Resident Evil Revelations... Wow there's actually a lot of 3DS games I'm looking forward to when I start listing them off.

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Since L.A. Noire doesn't have a digital version and Duke does, I have to imagine Duke did sell more than L.A. Noire. NPD really needs to get some deal going where they can at least add Steam purchases to the charts. I think that would make it a much more accurate representation of sales. Even if the game was sub-par, I'm glad Gearbox is being rewarded for their decision to help Forever see the light of day. I'm also sure that if Gearbox fully designs the next one (3D Realms designed single-player of Forever) on their own it will be much better.

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There is no rape scene. It's not the "joke" of the level, it's the setting and shows why aliens are stealing women. Duke also shows outrage over it "The queen bitch is gonna pay for what they've done" or something to that matter. It certainly seems out of tone for the game and was uncomfortable to play through (the women crying sounds are what did me in), but this reviewers misleading language of the delivery simply to sensationalize their review makes me certainly hope I never use their reviews to guide a game purchase. Plenty of other comedies/dark comedies have done far far more offensive things on the topic of rape.

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

I got very uncomfortable when I watched the quicklook.

I got the same thing from the Quick Look, but not from playing the game, oddly.

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@benjaebe: And many won as well, including me and every single one of my friends who have actually played it so far. I'm on my second playthrough. I've missed the old-school shooter. If it's not your thing it's perfectly understandable, but don't assume that means everyone has the seem feeling.

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This will be a great purchase when most of the glitches get fixed and I pay 20 bucks for it.

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@Jack_Daniels said:
" FUCK that. Demos are supposed to be free. Buy this *item* get a usually free item for FREE! ... wait what? "
They said "first dibs" which would imply early access. This is no different than what Microsoft does for Gold Members.
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This will be a great opportunity for me to upgrade my system and get some Dance Central going.

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