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by PSP do they actually mean Vita?

The Vita wasn't out then, so it didn't affect the Vita in any way. These are PSP games.

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I think it was Cloud 9 vs LGD game 2 that was the best match. Not sure though. Whatever it was it was the Cloud 9 game that was the first game of the day on June 20th.

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I finished off Professor Layton 5, Picross e and Machinarium. I picked up Fire Emblem Awakening again and kind of want to finish off my platinums for Dark Souls 2 and GTAV.

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The last couple of times I've done some serious clothes shopping, I went to the Eddie Bauer at the local mall. Except for my pants. Those I order online because I'm too tall for the standard pants sizes.

Pretty much this or I go to Moores. Even though they only advertise suits, they've got an excellent selection of stylish jackets, sweaters, polos and jeans.

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There is a better use of your time than to play them all.

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If someone had told you 15 years ago that there would be a console that plays NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advanced games you would have told them they were full of shit. But now it's here. So in 15 years when a Sega CD, Dreancast, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox system comes out don't act surprised.

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@falserelic: I suppose technically I'm an industry watchdog. What 95% of my job consists of is watching an offload crew weigh fish. I take the info from the boat's logbook and write it on a form with the weights, and report it to the department of fisheries stats department. That way they can tell how much fish is being caught where so that it isn't overfished, and so that fishermen don't fish past their limit. I've been to 18 different ports in the two years that I've been working the job.

Sometimes the work is never ending (like capelin or the first week of crab). Sometimes it's only 15 minutes of work, but the union pays a four hour minimum, so they actually want you to stay at the port for those four hours. I actually played a lot of Spelunky and Persona 4 on the Vita while sitting on the beach collecting a paycheque last year, and so far this year I've read Metro 2034. Right now all the fisheries are either closed or most of the boats have fished their limit so there is no work.

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The thing I hate most is not getting work when there is work to do. It's a seasonal job so I want all the work I can get. I got called in to work at 7AM on a Sunday and the wharf is an hour and a half away so I had to get up at 5AM. I worked 14 hours standing in the sun and then had another hour and a half drive back. Monday is the start of a new work week. The fishery closed on Sunday night for one class type and opened on Tuesday for another so I did get a day off. Tuesday was Canada Day and I worked roughly the same as on Sunday and I worked roughly the same amount again on Wednesday. For those two days with the overtime for holidays and extended shifts and travel I got a full 40 hour work week in. I didn't get any more work for the entire week. That doesn't mean there wasn't work available; it just means the people on salary had to come in from even further away and do it instead since the office won't have to pay them overtime. In the 16 days since then I've only gotten four hours of work as that fishery is now closed, and I probably won't get any more until the last week of August. Another day or two or five of work when it was available would have been a lot of help.

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@jesus_phish: Personally I haven't played a football game since Madden 2000 and I won't play another one until I can play a CFL season. I never got why they haven't added it as on option yet. You've got a football engine, it shouldn't take too much modifying to make a CFL rule set. The CFL is bigger than ever now, with an expansion team this season, new or heavily renovated stadiums in more than half the league, and a very popular game in a new market each year. I suppose with no competition EA haven't had to innovate since 2006.

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I'd say pick up Bully before you pick up San Andreas. Persona 4 is seriously great. Odin Sphere is also a classic. I'm under the impression that Dark Could 2 is considered a masterpiece but Dark Cloud is widely disliked. I haven't played either but I do have them in my stacks from when I got my brother in law's PS2 collection.

The greatest american football game ever made is 2K's NFL 2k4 also known as ESPN NFL Football. To this day it's still better than EA's efforts.

I wouldn't call FFX-2 a classic at all. It's not a great game. GTA SA should be on your list though, it is a great game and it shows a nice difference of tone and style to Vice.

I think you mean NFL 2K5. That was the last one they made and that's the one that outsold Madden so much that EA bought out the NFL license, and that's the one that is on Game Informer's top 200 games of all time.