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Why is District D not an option in the poll?

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In Vice City you could go from one end of downtown to the other and back by jumping a bike from roof to roof. We'll never see that kind of playful fun in a Rockstar game again. Instead we've got John Marston having trouble walking through a door because his walk needs to animate in a meaningful way.

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I'm playing through Fire Emblem Awakening now and it seems fine. Nothing special though. The only other games I've played on 3DS are Picross e and Professor Layton 5. They're both good but not great. Picross e was a little disappointing because I didn't realize it was just easy puzzles from the original Picross DS.

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I haven't listened to them so I can't say for sure. The only two people I know who were really into them also really like Nickleback and Headly, so I can't say I hold their opinion of music in high regard.

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@csl316: I didn't like him for months, but then I found out his identity (from a random hate mail from a matchmaking game). Then I got invited to B.T. and he was on B.T. and he was a beast. He's one of the few players I know who flies pro 6axis. He smokes Params.

Pretending to be a shitty player who claims to be the greatest just to get everyone to hate you is funny. Sneaking his way into a top clan full of people who hate him and being better than them is some next level troll.

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They updated Runescape to Runescape 3 at some point in the last 18 months I want to say. I didn't play much more than a half hour though because all the voice over was buggin and playing twice and I didn't like being forced into a tutorial when I was using my level 80 character from Runescape 2.

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@csl316: Ok, yes, I definitely remember you from the GameFAQs board. I think W_R was one of the most masterful trolls ever.

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@csl316: Now I think I recognize your username from the Warhawk days. Were you in one of the top clans? BSK or maybe CCX?

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Maybe the manufacturer is really trying to push licensing the Tec-9 to video games this year and as a result have inadvertently created the year of the Tec-9.

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It's probably a number of factors. For one, the other characters might only exist to tell you what to do in order to advance the game. The only response needed is for you to do it. This is almost guaranteed to be a poorly written story. For example, that dumb and tacked on story mode for GRID 2. I can't even remember if they voice the other character (because there is only one other character). He just emails you sometimes saying "Hey, pick some sponsors and a car and go race."

Another problem is that in the vast majority of FPS games the only mechanics are pointing your gun and shooting or pressing an action button to pull a lever to open a door or some shit. There isn't much else going on, so the player character doesn't need to talk to inform the player what's going on. You look at a JRPG; it's probably got some sort of political drama happening and you're traveling between countries. At some point there will be a discussion so the player knows what's going on. It's probably a complex narrative, so there needs to be more dialogue to explain it, so the player character is gonna end up in those discussions.

If you're playing an older game it could be a technical limitation of the time.