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If it's real I hope it's a rocket jump style jetpack instead of an infinite flight style one. Infinite flight ones tend to feel slower and aren't fun, but being able to jump super high super fast can get you into all sorts of fun with poorly planned landings. Trying to get somewhere in San Andreas with the 100ft bunny hop was way more fun than getting there with a jetpack.

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@zevvion: We're talking Dark Souls. Patience is the minimum requirement for everything. When I started farming this boss I was dying 3 out of 4 attempts. Now I beat it 4 out of 5 times. Practice.

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In NG+ the boss drops the Chloranthy Ring +2 so that's reason enough for me.

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@myrmicus: Practice. I enter the room and go to the right of the pole next to the right side shadow. Flexile will be slow to go around the pole. The right side shadow should make an attack that misses. The other shadow should run around the pole and be next to the first shadow and you can hit them both in 1 attack. If you go too fast the right side shadow won't be baited into his attack and he'll throw a toxic dart instead or chase you down and that's bad. From there it's a dodge everything battle and get a hit in here or there. Use the pole to keep Flexile at distance. Once both Shadows are dead and their loot collected use the aged feather to teleport out instead of killing the Flexile Sentry. I was probably 60% successful in my attempts and ended up with two of everything else before I got my first Shadow Mask.

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I tend to get the best luck finding old model electronics from rural Wal-Marts. I live in a rural area and have a place in the city 3 hours away. I travel through a town of 7000 that has a Wal-Mart. They probably still have a 3GVita if I wanted one. When I bought my 60Gb PS3 they were so desperate to get rid of them that they had bundled in a Blu-Ray, along with the 5 Blu-Ray mail in rebate that Sony was offering at the time.

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@humanity: The same thing happened with me and Benhart against the Prowling Magnus. I was expecting a real boss fight so I summoned someone and he defeated the boss with a flame swath before Benhart could enter the room. I'm not sure if it screwed up the quest because I wasn't looking up anything that first playthrough and missed his other summons.

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@leebmx: You can still finish Pate's quest line. I kept those White Knights around till after I reached the final boss and they don't seem to do anything so I stabbed them. They all drop a unique weapon in NG and they start to drop armour pieces in NG+. I guess they were there as a difficult fight for a good weapon for people who decide to fight them when they first meet them.

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@leebmx: Pate helps on the Last Giant. Lucatiel helps on The Lost Sinner (and 3 more bosses). Beatrice helps on the 3 man battle in Lost Bastille. Beatrice doesn't appear in game as an NPC. She's just there to help in that unfair fight.

You only need Lucatiel and Benhart to survive 3 of their 4 fights and you can retry fights by respawning the boss with a Bonfire Ascetic if you want. They've both gotten increased defense since the last patch so it should be easier now.

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Honestly, at this point, there are a select few people who I even care about in the "games press" any longer. The Duders at Giant Bomb, Jeff Green (who seems to just be in job limbo right now), and...I don't know...Justin McElroy? Polygon has some OK stuff but in terms of specific people I follow I can't say I do follow anyone there. Phillip Kollar maybe but that dude is a little too hipster at times.

Jeff Green has a new job - and you're going to like this - he's working as a game's consultant at N'Gai Croals company now. I'm not joking.

That was the rumour for a while but it's not true. N'gai runs Hit Detection. Jeff Green works for the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP).