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Between Valkyria Chronicles, Jeanne d'Arc, Fire Emblem and Civ I have to go with turn based.

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I remember in the 90s when Manchester United benched 9 starters against Ipswitch and still won 4-0. That is all I know about Ipswitch.

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Obviously check the screen for scratches, but also to make sure the colour isn't faded. Make sure it can connect online. Check the gyroscope I guess. Welcome Park will be a pretty good test of all the different functions like the cameras, gyro and touch panels. Make sure it can read the memory card slot and also the Vita cartridge slot. Check the feel of the buttons to make sure they aren't loose or sticking.

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Man, 3, 4, Underground are all pretty great, but ultimately I'm voting for 3.

Also, the poll is missing Shred, which apparently fixes the control issues that Ride had. They had a skateboarding physics professor fine tuning it for months.

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@emtilt said:

@jeff: Thanks for the reply! A few questions for clarification and precedence:

Games should only be joined onto one page when they are the same page ported to multiple places. That means that Nintendo's NES Tetris and Tengen's NES Tetris belong on separate pages. That means that Nintendo's Game Boy Tetris gets a separate page, too, because it isn't a direct port of the NES game (though handheld ports make everything stickier since the ports are often bad and barely resemble some of the game's other versions).

This still seems to me like it implies that something like the Double Fine prototypes should have separate pages. They aren't ports, they were released at different times, they share no levels, they share no (or close to no) code, they share no assets, they were sold to the public as products. What is the criteria that determines they should be lumped with the original commercial release? Admittedly, it's a strange example, because Double Fine runs their prototyping phase as a semi-public promotion and product. Similarly, how about the de Blob example above, which BeachThunder suggested was more like a prototype?

The thing about prototypes is that the work done on them is a necessary step towards a finished project. They are the same as alphas and betas. Just because the public can have access to them does not mean they deserve to be separated from the finished project that they contributed to. You wouldn't make a page for the Uncharted 2 Beta that came with Infamous, or for the "Beta" that it had two weeks before release. At the dev studio it is all the same project, just at different phases of its life.

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Considering you've got an XO I don't see a need for a PS4. I mean, what are you gonna play on it? Knack? Driveclub? Killzone? I just don't see the need for it. Now that Rock Band is coming along and I want my DLC library I'll probably end up getting one but I really don't want to.

3DS is a pretty good option.

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The people who are in high school and just starting college right now were children for Rock Band the last time around. Now that they are working at the mall or getting a student loan or whatever they'll have some cash to throw down, and some friends willing to play with them and have parties.

My friends and I played Rock Band seven years ago. I don't have room mates anymore. I don't hang out with people at school anymore. I don't have anyone to play Rock Band with anymore. That does not mean that there is not an audience for Rock Band. Just like Disney releasing the same movies every seven years for a new crop of kids, Rock Band has a new crop of kids to release to.

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I don't remember The Incredible Machine being a CD game, so it could be one of the sequels.

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Maybe you guys aren't seeing skaters around as much because they aren't skating on the street as much. Around here in the mid 2000s all the high schools had build skate parks, the city had built a skate park, some of the parks had built skate parks. When I drive past an area that has a skate park near by I sometimes see a skater, but I certainly don't see them hitting up the parking garages and bank plazas like I used to.

They're teenagers, I bet they're still listening to Nirvana, AC/DC and Led Zepplin like teenagers do.

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@straightgrizzly: Leader pays an up front cost though. Sure he's getting a good cut, but his margins aren't as good as they appear.