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@Commando said: Superman is a boring superhero in my opinion. He's pretty much invincible. There's no fun in that!

Superman isn't boring.He's a complex character, even more so than Goku. Superman went insane after having to judge and execute three kryptonian dictators because he's vulnerable and fragile. Have you seen the cartoons or films?He always fights villains that are as strong as him so he's not invincible.

Goku isn't a complex character.He's very simple.He never had to do anything complex other than beat the bad guy.

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What I like about comics is that they can do anything.They don't have to worry about the cost.They don't have to kill of actors just to save money or worry about special effects costing too much.They have "ultimate budget."

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@Miketakon said:

I enjoy the cartoons better than the comics.

why is that?

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I read comics but it's mostly indie stuff.

Really honestly. I get nothing at all from a comic book fight. Its kind of like reading a fight in a book. I can tell major shit's going on, but I can't get excited about static pictures. Comics are much better with meticulous stuff, where they reward you for noticing everything in the picture. That's why weird shit makes for a good comic and imo superhero comics just get boring.

A person is suppose to use their imagination for comics or manga for that matter.It can't be spoonfed. Comics are interactive and not passive like watching a film.

I can see why people don't like mainstream comics.They aren't continuity friendly and wouldn't know where to start.I would not recommend a new person Marvel or DC.I would tell a person to pick up Scott Pilgrim V.S The World but I wouldn't tell them to pick up last weeks issue of Aquaman.

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This has been happening on comic vine for months.I'm surprised they just discovered Gaint Bomb by scrolling all the way down and finding their news.

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People shouldn't be so mad that the Justice League are going appear in Batman's game.While Waners.Bros probably forced them in there,The Justice League were a big part of Batman's mythos.The game will be based on the silver age when Batman teams up with other superhero and before he was a loner.The creators wouldn't ruin up the tone of the game and keep it dark.The game could also be about how Batman deals with metahumans

I would like a campy and goofy Batman prequel though.

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This game was such much fun but it was too short.I like the cartoon graphics and the story was pretty good.I was hoping for a second game but it never game out even after all these years.Despite many years later, does anything think there will be a sequel for this game?

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@laserbolts said:

Wow what a dumb fucking thread. No one cares if you're good or not dude. You're probably trash anyways.

I made this thread to find other people who conquered pubs and got bored so they quit the game.I didn't make this to show off.