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Last night, after raising over $30,000 to benefit aid relief in Japan, we celebrated by shutting down In N Out with the sensuous, jab-spamming action that is Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire. Old rivalries were settled (ILLiterate is still world's #2), newcomers were converted and the fire of competitive Jackie roared back to life.   
I fucking love Jackie Chan.
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@Killroycantkill said:
" Fight for Relief is going! "
No it's not, that's something else. Fight for Relief will be at
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Everyone better watch Fight for Relief on Sunday.
I'll also be at the KS2 Bar & Grill event, most likely hopping on the mic a bunch to talk about Fight for Relief since my team flaked out at the last minute :(

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Talked to Jeff about coming into the studio tomorrow. I'll try my best to make it since I have some Street Fighter related news to talk about :)
I think I've played SF4 for iPhone more than I have SSF4 in the past couple of months.. and when I play that its AE, so this should be hilarious!

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@turtlespenguins: There wound up being no 5v5 since no one from my end showed up. Instead, I played everyone who would have been involved separately and out of a bunch of sets, I only ever lost one match (but not a set). So in short, yes.
I'm bringing Jackie Chan back to EVO this year but I won't have any solid plans until like.. July. I can't wait! I still love this game.
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For the record, I'm dropping SSF4 (I really dislike AE), I'm not even bothering with Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Played it a lot. Don't care for it.) and I'm going strictly Mortal Kombat once it's out. The best part is that it's win-win. If it turns out great then I can help boost an awesome community all the way up to EVO. If it's awful then hey, that's a smaller player pool and great chance to make top 8!
I'll be at EVO as usual (This will be my sixth and my third year in a row) but I only plan to enter Mortal Kombat. I'll also be running a Jackie Chan side-tournament (last year we just had a gathering) but you seriously won't hear about that until the month of the event. Can't wait to land Mortal Kombat on the big stage. My goal is to fatality someone on stage and then totally freak out and make a huge dork out of myself. GET HYPE :)

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Because you demanded it (and I don't know why!): Deadliest Warrior is now on, live!

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In case you missed it.. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I AM... THE GUY

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Ok, I'm about to attempt to become.. THE GUY. Super Meat Boy stream is back up and this time it's nonstop The Kid until I unlock it or die trying. The window's open and I'm on the 3rd floor. Let's do this!