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Oh come on, this is such bullshit. Look, I agree with the idea that some people on the GamerGate side have gone off the deep end, specifically over the conspiracy theories (and the harrassment that can actually be tied to "Pro-GamerGate" folks), but really? You really think you need to say "death threats are bad"? Maybe that is the problem, that you can't disconnect the reality of what the majority of people supporting GamerGate are after and support vice the boogeymen in your imagination that have taken over. Take 5 god damn seconds and think that over in your mind, that your opinion is that reminding people that death threats are bad is an actual reaction from you to reasonable GamerGate people. Gee, I wonder why they people are upset that I keep implying they're sending or supporting death threats? That is even assuming you're willing to entertain the idea in the first place.

Likewise do you see the kind of shit being dished out against people who feel like there is a real question to answer in the "ethics" field? No one yet has to actually address any concern with reason and calm statements (and to note, I don't believe the "conspiracy theories" are true) but maybe, just maybe, if you actually said there isn't anything here folks, go home and play video games things would calm down. No, instead we get "you are dumb idiots who support misogynistic assholes are just perpetuating the problem by claiming this shit which we're not even going to bother telling you is bs in the first place, go back to your basement."

Granted I'm sure no one who cares will actually look at this post and everyone will instantly dismiss it but if reading this, despite my aggressive language, causes anyone to take a minute and realize they can actual try and understand where the bulk of the GamerGate support is coming from and respond to that without making those people feel like they're sexist, violent, or otherwise mentally deranged maybe something real will happen. But nope, instead we'll get more of the usual shit with the occasional "Letter to the Editor" like this that still gleefully ignores the fact that nearly everyone who says GamerGate is corrupt is actively doing everything they can to fan the flames within GamerGate by refusing to even talk about any legitimate points without mentioning hatred, sexism, and misogyny. Better yet, if you don't want to listen to me take the advice given by Jeff in this very letter:

"But you might want to really look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're spending your time crusading for the right fight. That's all. Make sure this is the position you want to take and, more importantly, how you want that position to be represented."

That goes both ways. GamerGate people claim to fighting corrupt journalism and ethics but you claim to be fighting against hatred and harrasment. Maybe instead of fighting to convince people they're evil scum of the Earth you could focus on fighting to make them understand there isn't an ethical problem? You're never going to convince the extremists but they've always been there, so maybe you should focus on the people who just want an answer and to stop being held accountable for every bad thing that happens on the internet.

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I'm also getting back into GW2, and have actually dumped some money into it so I'll give it more time this go around (Yay for bank slots), although I still have to get over the hurdle of leveling a Mesmer. Plus I've got some friends who are playing now, although they're not Yak's Bend but thanks to Guesting that isn't a big deal.

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Why would anyone lack confidence that a small android device with a HDMI port could exist? They already do exist, you can find at least 2 on Amazon right now. The only thing different about GameStick is that they're building a controller to go with it, and Ouya is building their own store (which is something to lack confidence in) and a controller.

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@Jrinswand said:

@Mykander said:

Far Cry 3 was just on sale over the weekend, so it isn't likely to be on sale until Ubisoft releases their price minimum for other services.

Really? I don't know how I missed that one? How much was it on sale for?

Don't remember the exact discount, something around 30% for the base game. You probably missed it because it was only on sale through Ubisoft directly. Considering Ubisoft's digital distribution stance and UPlay, not sure why you'd look anywhere else first).

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Far Cry 3 was just on sale over the weekend, so it isn't likely to be on sale until Ubisoft releases their price minimum for other services.

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You know as often as people cry elitism over PCs or Consoles, I've never seen a more concrete example of the console side then the OP. I'm sure this has been hashed out multiple times throughout the thread but I made halfway through before I couldn't stand the stupidity. The fact of the matter is that the console version is in a poor state, for anyone who cares about performance (because there are those out there who don't, or just deal with it to the point of making the distinction meaningless). Any game reviewer worth reading is going to slam that fact home, because it's a terrible sacrifice to make for slightly better graphics. The fact that a version without the problem, or without the problem being significant, exists is just icing on the cake.

Had Farcry 3 not been on the PC then the same complaints would have been there, they just wouldn't have had the "but it runs great on PC" clause. So either the OP is a console elitist who can't handle people even mentioning PC, or he's incapable of any sort of critical thinking and honestly believes anyone who cares about performance would have briefly mentioned the issue and moved on if there wasn't a better version (be it PC or otherwise) out there.

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Not only action bars, but you can't select from every available quest reward if there are multiple unless you're a subscriber. You know, I'll pay for new content, or opening up existing content, and I'd even pay for hiding the helm (well, I wouldn't because I don't care, but if I did care). What won't I pay for? A functional UI and allowing me to expend the effort of completing a quest and then blocking the reward for doing it. If you didn't want to give me the reward, then lock me out of doing the quest in the first place and charge for it, don't kick me where it hurts after I've already done the work.


Not to mention I'm a former subscriber. I paid full price for the game at launch and a couple months, and despite that I'm still locked out of the basic UI. By the average in other F2P games I've already invested more in the game then the average person after F2P's release.

@jozzy said:

Now, I don't know how much extra action bars cost, but if you playing to level 30 over a couple of weeks I don't think it's that crazy to ask the player to pony up a couple of dollars to keep room for all their new skills. If you don't want it you can always rotate some skills out, I seem to recall when I was playing it that I only used 5 or 6 skills to get through the normal PVE content.

If you convert Cartel Coins to US dollars then opening an action bar is roughly $3 for a single character (just one action bar, and there are six total) or $5 per action bar for your account. Even if you only go as far as to say 4 is a reasonable amount by the end of game you're still paying 2/3 the subscription price just to open two action bars for all your characters. God forbid you decide to play one character only, unlock bars for that character, and then decide you want to play another character.

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I'm in the same boat as Veektarius, I was in the overflow guild but left when I logged in and saw the note about it not being needed (I suppose I probably should have swapped my position, but I figured it would be easier to leave and post here). I'm done with classes, burned out with WoW, and looking to get back into GW2.

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@EXTomar said:

The issue with Google's apps on iOS was they are inferior to the Android version. The whole thing with Maps was that Google never had simple stuff like "turn by turn directions". Searching for directions only worked by text field (the system voice recognition could do it but it was simply doing "speech to text" and putting the result into the field). Forget whether or not Apple's Map app is any good, Google's Map app was poor. Should Apple just hope one day that Google gets around to updating Maps or should they build their own? And this situation hurts Google more than Apple. For instance, the original Google+ app on iOS was a barely a selectable list with a browser and paled compared what you could get with HTML5. It took months for the app to catch up in features where along the way less people where using it or cared about it. I don't see how neglecting apps on any platform helps any company.

As for the Youtube app, it worked but especially after seeing updated versions of the Youtube on other platforms (my tv and the PS3) this seems to be Google's lack in effort not Apple's.

Seriously? Apparently you're total ignorant of the fact that it was Apple restricting Google, not the other way around. Put the blame where it belongs for all the crap you just listed (except some of the Google+ shenanigans).


Just to keep it somewhat on topic, congratluations to Apple for finally adding an Alarm function to the iPad in iOS6. Those Alarm programs, already implemented in iOS, are tricky little devils taking years of effort to get working on the iPad apparently. Also, supposedly, they've re-implemented features in the Music App they took out in iOS5 (but left in for iPhones and iPods), but I haven't tested any of them yet.

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Attached my name to the spreadsheet. I've been playing since the headstart, just wanted to make sure it was a game I wanted to stick with before eating up a guild slot. Can't wait to see you all in game and get some coordinated WvW fun going on.

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