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I'm stunned there are people here saying this looks in anyway acceptable.

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Four years? Fuck man just remembering how popular those games were its crazy how far from the public conscious it is now in a quick time.

That over saturation really did a lot of damage

That and lets face it, they were never actually good games. Kinda like Wii Sports, kinda novel at the time but as actual games they suck. Hitting buttons on command isn't my idea of a good time even though it was vaguely amusing while drunk at parties.

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I looked at it once only for me to realise 'who the hell needs a homepage anymore'?

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Did Patrick genuinely think The Thing game was good or was he just being polite? Because it was friggin awful.

Anyway, awesome to know one of my favourite directors is a fan of Sonic and Borderlands.

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A version of Mortal Kombat that takes itself seriously is the most friggin boring thing ever. I mean, nobody has ever thought Mortal Kombat is a legitimately good fighting game. It was just that funny campy game you messed around with between sessions of Marvel and KOF.

I still stand that the original Mortal Kombat movie is the only video game movie that has been successful in capturing the tone of the source material and provided great entertainment. This, like season 1, is just dull.

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These people manage to get a copy of a game early but don't own capture devices? Or know how to hold a camera steady for that matter?

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@walkerd said:

Time to boot up the far superior Mother 3.


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Yeeeeeee-no. No. I have a horrendous backlog of games I need to play, I'm not adding to that no matter how good these deals are. Actually, these deals aren't that great anyway.

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@hamst3r said:

From that video, I don't think this anime is for me.

Y-yeah. Same here. There's cool and there's 'trying desperately to look cool' and this was the latter.

I just don't get anime. I try and I try to understand the appeal but its just a friggin mystery to me.