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Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

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I'm sure there are a lot of Mozilla employees that DO NOT share a similar opinion to that of the CEO. I will continue to support those employees and the non-profit organization that they represent. Don't let one douchebag overshadow the rest of the good people. Just my opionion.

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Yup, me too.

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Good Analysis. Glad to see you putting your engineering skills to practical use :)

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Anything by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

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@gbrading said:

Steam Machines... why on earth aren't they called Steam Engines!?

Since it would be such an obvious name I'm wondering if they maybe don't already have software or something that they already internally refer to as "Steam Engine". Or possibly this will be the new name for the Graphics rendering engine instead of "Source 2"

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@deranged said:

Depriving yourself of food is the worst possible way to lose weight. Your metabolism works like an engine. Stop fueling it and it'll stop functioning.


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The "User Communtiy Showcase" links on the Bombcast page are still pointing to 'seaserpent.giantbomb.com'

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@serker said:

after this long im gonna have to inject the bombcast directly into my bloodstream im feeling weak right now

Just take it in suppository form :)

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Would anyone be willing to purchase the Bioshock dual pack ($5) for me from Amazon and send me the steam keys? I will obviously reimburse you via Paypal, but since live in Canada I cannot purchase downloads from Amazon. I am aware there are ways around this, however something about setting up accounts with fake addresses and Credit card info doesn't seem right to me. I'd rather trust the GB community.

Oh yeah, and I picked up Deus X, Rage, and Dear Esther to add to my ever growing backlog of games from steam.

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