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I've recorded some matches, gotta rip them from the DVD though.

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Awards shows just make me angry, no thankyou.

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me and Sleepy played some practice matches, he trounced me but it was good fun. I'm gunning for you man, a few weeks to practice is all I need .

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@StaticFalconar: That is true, but it's hard to tell who the lag's really effecting. I personally think i've won a handful of battles because the other player just couldn't get inputs down correctly, which is just as bad as losing in my opinion. I personally can't stand something as simple as pressing the kick button and having it react about half a second later. Really there's no getting around lag issues but I feel much better about losing to a guy sitting next to me.
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Certain DVD players are region free so they can play anything, but they tend to be the more expensive ones and obviously if you already own a DVD player that's not much use unless you want a new one. Also not all DVD are region encoded, for instance a good number of concert DVDs are not, really what you want to do is check to see if this DVD is actually region encoded. CDs are no problem, they are never region coded.

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@Stang said:
" @Neon941: No kidding. I just got stomped on. Had to quit....I was about to rage like Hulk if I lost to one more mashing asshat. Looks like Symphony shared her codes with all the G1 scrubs :( "
@Symphony: You Judas!
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I never seem to encounter kids online, maybe I don't play enough Halo. Personally though if I ever have kids they're starting from the bottom like I did, they'll get a ratty old gameboy until I see fit to give them a Genesis and they'll bloody well like it.

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@StaticFalconar: yeah it's kind of getting me down, I'm 100% cool with losing to people, but I hate losing to their laggy connections. 
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@Stang: There's cheat codes for Street Fighter IV?! No wonder I keep losing, every single person online but me is a bloody cheater!
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When you told me just now you bastard, wah! Though actually according to the Video Game King Santa is in fact real and coming to kill us all. Bow down lowly dogs or be crushed by his jolly boots of doom!