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After the disappointing end of game 3, I looked into how save games work. It turns out that private lobby games automatically save and can be loaded when creating a lobby. I have a save from 13 mins into the game and the score was 2-5. Not sure how reliable these saves are but it's worth noting in case a similar situation happens in the future. I would have really liked to play out the rest of the game, but Blackmoore is away for a few days and a patch might ruin the save so it's probably not possible.

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@LikeaSsur said:

@ArbitraryWater:@CaLe: @Niche: Congratulations. You all demonstrated a perfect example of a kneejerk reaction. To help you out: he's not talking about the game itself, he's talking about the overwhelming positivity this game has garnered in its short life span.

Yes, and that positive reaction comes from people who have played the game. If he played the game, maybe he would understand the reaction or at least criticise it more effectively.

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Maybe you should play the game before telling us what it's all about.

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If it hasn't appeared yet, restart Steam, it's out.

Also, here's the launch trailer:

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Terran when I play Protoss, Zerg when I play Terran.