Foray on Action Films: The Ones I’ve Missed

*I am currently off track from school and working only nights. To keep me entertained I have been making lists and watching older action films while I wait for stupid people to call who don’t know how to use their computer. I used to think I was an action film connoisseur but I didn’t know shit and I want to change that. My plan is to watch as many as I can and record how they live up to today’s standards.*

Mad Max (1979) -

First Blood (1982) – Brian Dennehy is the biggest ass on the planet and my God is Rambo a badass. For a movie with only body count of one, it’s quite awesome and still lives up to the hype of being 30 years old. It’s rare to come across an action film with character development, an evolving story, growth, and understanding. The balance of the movie having some pretty good action scenes and some great drama is absolutely outstanding and creates a perfect movie. I highly recommend it for those who haven’t but I’m probably the last person to see this movie.

All he wanted to do was eat, look what you did to him

Escape From New York (1982) -

The Road Warrior (1982) -

Commando (1984) – The repetitive music and annoying sidekick are the only down falls of this movie. I loved it. Arnold is Arnold and it pays off. He kicks ass without remorse in some badass and hilarious ways. While I do feel that True Lies and Commando share a lot of similarities, True Lies is the better film but Commando should not be passed up. The final action scene, which lasts close to 20 minutes, is awesome to say the least and while I did find it hard to believe that a fat Barrett could go toe to toe with Matrix, it ends in a pretty awesome way. You don’t fuck with Arnold, add this one to the list.

STOP TAKING HIS KIDS! People need to learn that already

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) - It was alright....not as action packed as I thought it would be but when there was action it was pretty good. It feels like 2 and 4 are similar movies and while the the Boss Battle with a Helicopter is pretty sweet (and something I wish would appear in more films) the mowing down of an entire army with a .50 Cal Machine gun in the most brutal fashion takes the cake. Is this also the start of action movies having a love interest and they get killed near the end resulting in the main character going on a kill spree? Kinda corny and I expected better. It was a fine movie but compared to First Blood and Rambo (4), you wan skip it and watch those 2....Rambo 3 around the corner for me though.

Explosive Arrows, they need to be in more Video Games

Cobra (1986) – Watched it at Jeff’s praise but I couldn’t help but be disappointed. The action and chases are pretty good, but you have to wade through a lot of shit to get to the good parts. After the opening scene in the grocery store, the next 45 minutes (give or take) are pretty brutal and uninteresting. Cobra himself is an interesting character and his interactions with his partner, Poppy from Seinfeld, are humorous but every other character is terrible. The Night Slasher in particular is a bad character and sadly adds nothing to the film. He is no Hans Gruber in terms of bad guys but on an interesting note he is the punk in the beginning of Terminator that gets his heart ripped out. While Cobra does have its good moments particularly at the end, it just isn’t as good as I was hoping it was going to be.

Can't tell if this is from the good part or the bad part....probably the bad

RoboCop (1987) -

Bloodsport (1988) -

Rambo 3 (1988) - You know what? I'm stunned that I enjoyed this more than Part 2. While both aren't typically amazing films, they are fine in their own right and personally, I thought 3 was better. I see a trend in the 80's and 90's is that these awesome, unbeatable people need a sidekick or someone to tag along with....this wasn't the worst case (Commando ugh) it was still pretty bad. I side with RedLetterMedia that children actors are the worst and this is a case of that syndrome. Annoying enough to bother me but Rambo still kicks some ass like usual. We worried me for a bit in not using a bow but totally showed up and fucked up some people with it, bonus points for that. I am still siding with Rambo 1 and 4 as the best of the bunch and people should watch them, 2 and 3 are ok to good and will watch them from time to time.

Don't worry me like that Rambo, just rock the bow all the time and you win me over.

Road House (1989)

Die Hard 2 (1990) -

Total Recall (1990) - Man Michael Ironside looks young, and he wasn't slurring his lines so he must have been drinking a lot less 25 years ago. While the action in it is pretty good, I'm going to consider it more of a Science Fiction film and not a pure action flick ala Commando. I understand why people adore this movie and where pissed that they remade it this year, frankly I don't understand how they remade the movie without going to Mars and such but that's besides the point because it is apparently awful. Probably what I enjoyed most about the film is the parts where it is mind fucking you into thinking what is reality and what isn't. Even though it doesn't matter I just like the idea that he really is still in Recall and does wake up after the credits. I'm sure there is plenty of evidence that debunks this theory (I can think of some) but still. Parts of it are quite impressive still while parts have aged noticeably but it only adds to the charm and tone the film is going for. Worth watching but I don't know about revisiting it as often as some of the other ones I have watched.

For obvious reasons, this is the most iconic image from the film

Hard Boiled (1992) -

Demolition Man (1993)

The Crow (1994) -

Torque (2004) – What a piece of shit this movie is. I find it hard to believe that one could enjoy this movie ironically too. Terrible action, acting, lines, script, pacing, everything. When you have movies as terribly awesome as Tokyo Drift, why the hell would anyone watch this? While I did enjoy the performance of Adam Scott, Ice Cube being Ice Cube, and the shocking transformation of Jamie Pressly, everything else is just complete shit. And who the hell is Martin Henderson? I have guilty pleasure movies, I love the first Mortal Kombat, but there is no reason for anyone to enjoy this in any way. Fuck this movie.

She's still very hot...I don't know why

*Feel Free to Suggest Others*


One year with Giant Bomb

The moment I was sold on the Bombcast, only took 2 episodes

One year ago I was a podcast addict. I listened to everything I could, sports related. I listened to ridiculous 3 hour podcasts that came out daily and I loved it. I even started listening to a Miami specific sport cast for reason unknown to me know (I live in Idaho and originally from Colorado and hate just about every Miami team out there). But the only thing I didn’t listen to was a video game podcast. I never thought about listening to something about video games and I don’t know why the thought never crossed me.

Around this time I was on IGN (and God dammit do I regret spending so much time there for so long, if I only knew). The community is full of assholes. Chobot was nowhere to be seen it felt like. The “news” stories were stupid and constant. The entire site was just not satisfying to me anymore. I never really cared for Gamespot and didn’t use them for years (little did I know of those who worked there).

July 4, 2011 that changed. I was visiting my sister for the Independence Day and was sick of how much sports talk I had on my iPod. Tony Kornhiser show (2 hours a day), MMAJunkie Radio (2 hours a day), Dan Lebatard Radio Show (2 hours a day) where just some of the shows I tried to listen to each day. I was stupid and was in over my head. I was sports out and needed a change. I was sick of the NFL, NBA, MLB everything but MMA in reality.

With my pallet cleaned of free time for my ears now I did a simple search in iTunes Podcast. “Video Game Podcast.” If I remember the order correctly it was “’Games Dammit’ – 1 Up” and then the “Bombcast.” I downloaded both of them but I was amazed at seeing 2 or 3 hours of podcasts talking about video games. I was looking foreword to the Bombcast the most.

The next day my ride was heading back to Idaho in time to be back at school the next day. I started to listen to “Giant Bombcast 07-05-2011.” I had no idea who these people were. I didn’t know what they were like but I was instantly hooked. The highlight of the episode specifically was Jeff (who at first I didn’t like which changed quickly within a few weeks) questioning Brad about the game Journey. It quickly escalated to harassment and hilarity as it turns into Jeff ask existential questions. I was in the car with several people I didn’t know and was trying not to laugh my ass off. I couldn’t wait till the next episode featuring my favorite moment still to this day from the Bombcast. Ryan is a Narc/Twitter bashing is probably the funniest 20 minutes I have ever heard. After this part I decided to do a google search about the Bombcast and these cast of characters that it had. I didn’t even know Giant Bomb was a website, I just thought it was friends that got together and talked about video games and loved to talk about it, just like me.

I came upon the site and was amazed at what I saw. Videos upon Videos. The first video I watched on the site was “Quick Look: Wipeout: In the Zone.” The concept of a Quick Look was fascinating to me. I never thought that about actually watching people playing a game and seeing/getting a feel of what the game is actually like. Writing a review is an ancient concept to me now. Deciding to purchase a game from reading something written by someone you don’t know what games they like or are into.

One of the best QL’s I’ve ever seen. Few have been as funny as this one

After one video and started watching every video I could. I never have seen anything like this in my life. Everything was funny and informative. I instantly felt regret that I have never come across this site before. Over the next few weeks I eventually created an account but didn’t use the forums. GB doesn’t really add news so I still used IGN but that was more out of habit and stupidity really. But over the next 2 months that changed quickly.

Around the time Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released I wasn’t completely sold on the game. I kept going back and forth on whether to purchase it or wait till it is really cheap. At this time in my life I only, ONLY, purchased games that got a score over 9, critically acclaimed, GotY, all that bullshit. A game lower than 8.75 was just not good enough. That is just stupid to me now. I can’t believe I thought that way for the majority of my life. But that all changed hearing Jeff break down the game. Is it a perfect game? Far from it? Does it have it’s problems? Absolutely, but it is a fantastic game and a game that I enjoyed more than those Blockbuster games released a few months later. I now look back on my video game career and thought about all the possible games I have missed out on because it wasn’t up to my absurdly high standards. I’m surprised I even liked and bought games because of this way of thinking.

I learned about myself that I’m never going to get a perfect gaming experience and if I never leave my shell of only buying Blockbuster/AAA titles, I will miss out on some fantastic experiences. Giant Bomb showed me my way of thinking. Very quickly I attached myself to specific Giant Bomb staff and learned that their taste in games where similar to mine. Games that they enjoy I will most likely enjoy too. Over the past year I have enjoyed more AA titles and games that I have never heard of more than the media pushed games that Gamestop tries to shove down your throat the second you walk into the store. I never even bought an Indie game. If the game is only $15 it can’t be good. I look back on myself and wonder what I really got out of gaming then. Since then I have bought quite a few smaller titles and enjoyed them, again, more than the bigger titles. Examples: It is going to be hard to find a game I enjoyed more than Journey this year. I have never experienced anything quite like Journey and 1 year ago I would have never given it a chance. Darksiders I never thought to play and that game is fucking awesome!!! I never would’ve thought a game would out Zelda Zelda. The list goes on.

Got to thank Patrick for recommending this one, I'm sad I missed this experience when it first came out.

Thank you Giant Bomb. You taught me that greatness could be found in any video game. You are going to miss every now and again but if you aren’t willing to take a leap of faith you are going to miss out on finding something special. My appreciation for video games has grown 10 fold over the year and showed me a new light on video games and how I can increase my experience with them. Thank you and I will forever follow Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad to wherever their endeavors take them. Thank you.


GB Crew: Vinny, Ryan, and Dave. MORE RPCG GUYS!!! Come on!!!!

Taste in VGs I’m closest too: Patrick (even though I hate his stories and comments, he is very passionate about video games and have only disagreed a few times.)

Favorite Bombcast Episodes: 07-12-2011, Giant Spoiler Snakecast, 10-13-2009

Favorite Quick Looks: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Wipeout: In the Zone, Amy, Once Upon a Monster, Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

Favorite GB Videos: RPCG: Phantasmagoria Parts 1 and 2 (Best 4 hours of my life, worth the yearly subscription in and of itself), Members Only SNES Party Parts 1 -3, Deadly Premonition ER – VJ: Episode 31 and 33

Still Need to watch Person 4 and DP - BR Endurance Runs. Cannot wait till I can watch it all!!!

AGAIN Thank you Giant Bomb, you are the best!!!!